Low Carb Keto Rolls And Sliders – Super Bowl Recipe

what's going on guys and welcome back to the fit man cook kitchen okay so quick trivia question can you guess the second largest food consumption day here in the US if you guess Christmas you're wrong if you also guess Easter you're also wrong yeah it's not even a holiday at all it's actually a sporting event and I'm talking about the Super Bowl if you're not familiar with that it is basically the American version of football it is a national championship game and one thing that we Americans love to do is to get together with all your friends and family watch the game but of course have an amazing food spread now I know if you're watching this right now that you are part of the fit link of community and I know that you have pledged at the top of the year that you're going to do just a little bit better so if you plan to watch the bowl game and that was gonna be your treat meal then go ahead and enjoy it and get back on you plan the following day but if you did not then maybe you could think about eating something a little bit more calorie conscious that's going to support your overall wellness goals so with that in mind you know I got you covered we're making low-carb pedo rolls and turning them into sliders you can scale this up and down so if you want these really large rolls that you can make those or you can make them really bite-sized for a party size or maybe cheaper after-school snacks so if you are ready to roll up your sleeves guys and I'm telling I'm telling you today you are gonna work those forearms out one will come out today all right let's get started first mix almond flour baking powder fresh rosemary and chives mix it up well to fluff out any chunks in a separate bowl you're gonna add cream cheese and mozzarella microwave on HIGH for about a minute and when it's melted mix it up until smooth yes your forearms will be burned crack open an egg and mix it up again next we're going to add in the flour then mix and mash until it forms a dough since it's kind of sticky at the moment we're going to wrap the dough in plastic wrap and place in the freezer for 20 minutes take it out the freezer and place it on a lightly dusted surface so it doesn't stick cut the dough into fourths four large rolls or eight for party size spray your hands with olive oil then roll the dough into equal sized balls I like to let the dough sit for about fifteen more minutes in the fridge so it doesn't lose shape when baking place them on a baking tray with parchment or Silpat then bake for 20 minutes at 350 boom beautiful and buttery crispy a creamy keto rolls now let's make a burger mix ground meat I'm using bison with garlic thyme and sea salt and pepper mash and mix it up then form small patties about three and a half ounces flatten it out then place it in a nonstick skillet cook on each side until your desired readiness now let's bring it all together slice open that roll and add the patty tomato onion arugula and a little mustard all the wonderful things you love about a burger and a delicious buttery low-carb roll ultimate comfort food makeover and even ready for your daily meal clip that is it for today's video I hope that y'all enjoyed it and I hope that y'all are running right now to the grocery store to make these amazing rolls turn into sliders if you're not a fan of beef then use some chicken you can even use salmon just use whatever but make these rolls for sure they will not lose all right before you love off this video be sure that you subscribe to the channel and also hit that like button below and if you feel this is a little bit generous today then I want you all to share below your favorite big bowl game food alright until next time y'all thank y'all for watching keep it healthy but of course he never ever bored oh you know I'm stead of saying blue ones not despite into it Oh

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