Low-Carb & Keto Hazelnut Bread (GAPS too!)

so the first thing we do is we separate the eggs and I'd like to do about two egg whites in the small bowl at a time and then I just transfer them right into the KitchenAid so that if I accidentally get a little bit of yolk into some of the egg whites I don't have to throw out all six or try to separate it from all six and then we are going to be mixing the rest of the ingredients in with the yolk which is why we used a little bit bigger container for the yolks anyway so we are going to add 1/8 of a teaspoon of cream of tartar the cream of tartar doesn't have to be exact you can do this without cream of tartar but it will help stabilize the egg whites so they get nice and fluffy we're gonna fit on our whisk attachment to our Kitchen Aid and then we are going to raise it up and beat until these egg whites are holding stiff peaks which I will show you so this is the most common mistake when making this bread is that you don't whip the whites enough and so a lot of people will think that this is stiff peaks but no you'll see in a little bit that there should be stiff peaks this is holding a little bit of a peak but it's mostly just foam this will get a lot bigger and volume as we continue to whip it so this is what we want you can see how really firm these egg whites have gotten and if yours never got like this then it's probably because you got a little bit of fat or a little bit of yolk into your egg whites and the {bread} loaf will start up still turn out great but it won't be as puffy we're gonna set this aside to the yolk so we're gonna add one and a half cups of hazelnut flour four tablespoons of melted butter or coconut oil two packets of stevia or the equivalent of a no-carb sweetener and half a teaspoon of sea salt we're just going to gently mix we have our egg whites here you can see how firm they are and next we're just going to add our egg yolk mixture to the whites and make sure the whites don't fall and then we're just going to gently combine it that we don't deflate the egg whites but we do get it all mixed together so just be careful not to deflate your eggs here and just make sure the bottom and the sides are all mixed in and we're going to go prepare our let's pan we're just going to line it with parchment paper making sure we push it down into the corners and if it pops up it will be held down with the batter we get all of the batter out and we're gonna smooth it gently again so that we don't deflate our egg whites into the loaf pan before baking I like to sprinkle it with a little bit of either sesame seeds or some more of the flour mix this just gives it a nice crusty looking crust when it's done it can look a little bit eggy and a little bit overly shiny just because of how the recipe is if we don't do this then we're just gonna put it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 25 to 35 minutes we're gonna let this cool just like this for five minutes and then we are going to unwrap it from the parchment paper take it out of the pan and let it continue cooling until it's all the way to room temperature on this wire rack


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