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heyHi, Whatsup chocolate , got an antioxidant compound known as FAMINOSE which helps you fight against disease at the same time for anti-aging welcome to BODY PRO COACH NUTRITION I'm PRAVEEN this is MAAHEK, hi guys today we're gonna be making low carb brownie fudge so I'm sure it's favorite for all you people there because every love sweet yeah so let's see the ingredients and quickly go how about it so we're gonna take first that's almond butter so I have ordered it quickly from Amazon you can just place an order it's called by the company the button nutt so you can ask for unsweetened almond butter that's about 1 cup of unsweetened almond butter that's a great option as snacks in between with your green tea or black coffee that's one cup I'm gonna quickly put 4 eggs into it PRAVEEN gonna blend the same for me nice now we're going to add the other ingredients to it that's about one and a half cup of coconut flour see about have about one cup of stevia granules we have about 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt that's himalayan salt you always keep talking about it and half a cup of cocoa cocoa has and chocolate has a lot of health benefits it can help you decrease the blood pressure the same is a great ingredient for the heart health we're going to blend that once again that's about half a cup of almond milk all right the last four you have to do is we have got a baking dish and I'm already gang of baking paper from Amazon you should take slight amount of olive oil or whatever or you have it at home you're gonna reuse the dish and I'm going to quickly pour the mixture of the brownie the fudge into the same all right so the brownie fudge is done we're gonna quickly put it into a odg and we're going to put it at 165 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes so we're just gonna look at it that the top layer of the same which is wet right now gets dried once it's dry that means it's completely done there we go so a brownie fudge is ready know so we have cooled it for about an hour now at room temperature we're gonna quickly put that on a plate looks like it's done when eyes it's done 39 I'm gonna quickly cut that into small cubes or squares and they're done awesome so guys if you haven't subscribed to channel please do subscribe and hit the belly button that you get the intuition on but now we have a new video or supposed to be go light so time starts turning in we'll see in the next video see you soon

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