you know most Italian this is when you think of it our Center on pasta just carbs all over the place we that's French isn't it it sounds good though I love a chicken marsala but see my style of wine isn't very low carb but what is Pinot Grigio and it's the perfect wine for a low carb Italian chicken piccata yes Darius here this is citrus crystals yes every destination of you to enjoy me I am guilt-free and oh I love Italian food the ripe tomatoes the sweet bitter sour wise they're using that dishes now my parents were born and raised in New York and the stories of Little Italy I heard growing up just like my mouth water you just don't appreciate food when you're younger but now that I might don't over 21 crab I won't appreciate the coach what's in Goodfellas a Bronx Tale and things like Godfather has me thinking they have a strong sense of family it's Hollywood so maybe not the best examples but it's what I got now onto this low-carb chicken piccata you can use any chicken you one breasts are rather popular but for my recipe I chose chicken dogs I want the skin in a higher fat content until you can get a little dry I say what you say so anyway we're gonna simply season our chicken with salt and pepper full recipe details over at shitless crystals dot-com by the way I will put a link in the description box below now take an oil I'm using olive oil but before a coconut or any other oil that you like that's cool cook on about medium heat you want your chicken to get as close as done or done as possible you can check by simply piercing the chicken or you can cut the chicken down the middle of the sea of his anything pink on the inside after the ticket is done pull it out leaving all the juices left in the pan grab your bottle of Pinot Grigio or you can use chicken broth but I prefer the wine I highly recommend the wine actually and it doesn't have to be expensive at all I paint like $500 for this now you'd never catch me drinking it if I want to enjoy some wine but for this recipe it it will do but if you got like that go why I'm crazy this is a very low carb why it was featured in my can you have alcohol on kiddo video I will toss that in the car and at the end screen and for anybody worried and the alcohol will cook away you know so you won't have no drunk kids running around am I still on medium heat we're gonna pour our wine until our saucepan we're gonna add lemon juice minced garlic and not capers at this point if you'd like to ask salt you can personally there's enough on the chicken for me allow the wine to reduce a little to about a half a cup it this is confusing no letter reduce it all just keep moving the next step is adding heavy whipping cream Parmesan cheese and parsley lastly as xantham gum this is a must the liquids will not combine if you don't use the xanthan gum mix it up lower the temperature down to simmer and then toss the chicken back in the pan and then cover it up make sure you're paying this into hot are all your sauce will cook away and everything's gonna start sticking at the bottom simmer for about five or ten minutes we're watching your sauce reduction like keep an eye on it don't walk away because the hand gets too hot is go trust me keep your eye on watching once again for recipe details over at civilus crystals calm link in the description box below I absolutely love this chicken piccata recipe and trust me I ate it for a whole week trying to get the recipe right like dialing and and download it I'm rambling I'm rambling you can substitute the wine and chicken broth but I just don't think it'll be this they're like oh my god the citrus flavor and then the lemon comes through so nice and that tank that tank oh my god I love me some tang now the lightness of the chicken you still get the savory flavor of the chicken but then you get the sour of the lemon and yet though I really do a better job explaining this but it's just there's this good fantastic I worked hard on this I really did maybe because I wanted it so bad I just I just wanted to eat chicken cut you got a chicken marsala I'm gonna be down I'm gonna be good to go if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you're new here hit that subscribe button if you look to love you will see my latest post and the post about the alcohol that I told you about blog post every Wednesday and Saturday I am Darius this is sugars crucial sugar-free decimation of youtube and I'm not a chef I'm gonna say table bye

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