Low Carb Gumbo With Chicken, Shrimp, And Sausage

Tomorrow's my mom's birthday and I made her a special present, something that she absolutely loves: gumbo It tastes great

It smells delicious, and most importantly it is one hundred percent healthy and low carb So come on, let's see how we put it together What love about making soups and gumbos on a day like today when I've got forty-five million things I gotta do, I just throw all the ingredients in the crockpot and eight to ten hours later — boom, deliciousness happens It's a wonder of today So, let me just give you an idea of what I'm putting in my healthy version of a gumbo

And if you're from Louisiana, I apologize because, again, I'm trying to make this low carb So, I'm sure there's a few little things that you would suggest, and please go ahead and do in the comments box But anyway, I'm adding about a pound and a half of chicken thighs, boneless, skinless, I've already cut it up into two inch pieces I'm adding two sausage links of andouille sausage I've got a bowl here of about a cup apiece of diced onions, green pepper, and celery

I have about ten ounces here of ochre We don't have fresh ochre in the stores right now and it's frozen, but that's ok It's just gonna go in the crockpot and it'll be just fine I'm using a cup and a half of tomato sauce And then my seasoning's gonna be bay leaves

I'm using oregano, cyan pepper, black pepper, and sea salt And some minced garlic Now, what is a little bit different about this dish is I'm making an actual roux for it, because traditional gumbos have a roux, which is basically flour and a fat that you put together, you make a dark sauce Or, not a dark sauce but you make a dark roux, it adds flavor to it Doesn't really thicken it, unless you're doing a white roux (I've been learning about this, this week, as I try to piece together what I'm going to use)

It does add a few more carbs to this, so you can certainly leave it out But what I'm using instead of traditional flour is, I'm using coconut flour and almond flour with butter And, I'm gonna put this in my pan that I've got up on the stove I'm gonna mix it all together to get it nice and dark for flavoring And then I'm gonna add my chopped-up vegetables to it to get it a little bit coated before I throw them in the crockpot

The other ingredient I'm using is some chicken broth So yes, it's a long list of ingredients And then what's going to go in the last fifteen minutes is shrimp, I've got, and also some — I believe it's called it's spelled "file," but it's fi-let powder For gumbo And this is basically ground sassafras leaves And what this does is this is your thickening agent, but it also adds flavor to the gumbo It's a hundred percent ground sassafras leaves, and that's what you want

You don't want any additives to it So with that, I'm gonna start assembling this puppy All right, I just moved my crockpot here so you can get an idea of how I put everything together I'm gonna go ahead, add the chicken Pretty quickly

Boom, get that out of there I'm gonna go ahead and add the sausage The order doesn't really matter because I'm gonna mix everything together before I plug this in So I'm gonna go ahead and add all the ochre I'm gonna add my tomato sauce, now, with the tomato sauce, normally as you know I like to make my own tomato sauce

But the tomatoes weren't looking that good at the grocery store So, here's a little trick to save you some time if you're looking for a tomato sauce You always want to find a very low carb sauce that's out there, and that's hard with tomato sauce Usually it's about it can be anywhere from five to six carbs per quarter cup because they use a lot of added sugar I found this sauce at the grocery store And it's just "Raul's Homemade Marinara sauce" The ingredients are all natural, there's no preservatives

It's only three carbs per half cup with one gram of fiber So actually it's a really low carb option for you So, again, when you're looking at the grocery store you want to make sure there's no added sugar to it It's really hard to find But always read the labels and always check the nutritional chart on the back too, so, just sort of an idea that's a good product you may wanna try

Which is what I'm trying, so it's not really a tomato sauce, it's a marinara sauce, but it'll work It tastes really good and I really enjoy it get that all in there

So I've got the sauce I'm gonna go ahead and add my seasoning, which is add that all in and if you wanted to you can use instead of oregano you can use Italian seasonings if you prefer And I'm gonna go ahead and add my minced garlic And two fresh bay leaves You can buy fresh bay leaves at the grocery store, sometimes they'll sell them, you can store them in the freezer and they'll last for a few months, which is really nice

I'm gonna go ahead, I'm doing two cups of broth And again, I'm using a bone broth Normally I would make some — that's one of the tasks I'm going to be doing today, is actually making a bone broth So I'm all out So I'm using this one, again, you really have to read the labels when you're buying things from the store

I'm using this is Pacific's bone broth one more cup (3 total)

and it's a really good broth The ingredients again are all natural, there's not a whole lot of chemicals or preservatives in this so it makes it really good So I'm gonna go ahead

that is everything I'm gonna just mix it together like I said So here we go

All mixed together Now, I do need to add my roux, which is also gonna have my vegetables, besides the ochre So I'm gonna go ahead and go over to my stove and get that going Ok, I've melted my four tablespoons of butter It's a quarter cup of butter

I have it over medium heat I'm gonna go ahead I just added the almond flour

And I'm gonna add the coconut flour And then I'm gonna mix it all together so it gets a little pasty

But that's ok This is all about the flavor I'm gonna try to make sure I don't have any big-big clumps, I'm gonna flatten it out I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna add my veggies And I'm gonna mix it all in here

Basically I'm coating the vegetables, so and again you don't have to do this step You certainly will cut out quite a few carbs

I'd say about three or four carbs to the dish If you eliminate this step, you would just put your vegetables all in your crockpot with everything else I'm gonna go ahead and turn off the heat and I'm gonna add this to my crockpot

Ok, I added all of the roux and I'm going ahead and I'm mixing everything together And then I'm gonna go ahead and set my slow cooker put it on low

and I'm gonna cook it for about eight to ten hours I'll check it occasionally because sometimes slow cookers — my slow cooker — cooks a lot faster than intended And I usually check around the four or six hour point

But, the main thing is I wanna make sure the chicken is absolutely done Because everything else is cooked and you just want the flavors to meld, the vegetables to soften up, and it's gonna get thick when I add in my "file" powder So, and that comes near the end So, let me go ahead and get this turned on And we'll be back to check on it in about six hours

All right, I've let it go for a little more than eight hours It is close to being ready I'm gonna go ahead right now I'm going to add I have about a half a pound of shrimp You can certainly add more if you want to, I'm just doing a half a pound

Let me go ahead and stir those in there And then I'm gonna add the "file," which just like I said : sassafras leaves I'm doing just a tablespoon You don't want to add a whole lot This will thicken it

But I really want to mix this in here This will help start thickening it, as well as add some extra flavor for your gumbo Now, it's all mixed in What I'm gonna do is go ahead and let it simmer for about fifteen, twenty minutes or so and then it should be ready All right, it's been fifteen minutes, roughly, since I added the shrimp and the "file" powder

The gumbo is done It smells delicious It looks wonderful This is a gift I'm making for my mother for her birthday which is tomorrow, so I'm gonna let it cool down and bring it on over Which is a shame because I really would love to dig in to this, it is wonderful

But the good news is that it's going to my mom, it's going to a good home, since my cameraman is allergic to shrimp, so, that makes him very sad because he's drooling at the smell But anyway, one of the things with gumbo is that you serve it over rice However, if you're low carb, rice really isn't a good option for you Best alternative for that though is cauliflower rice So all you need to do is about a half a cup of that, put it right in the center of your bowl, go ahead and pour the gumbo over it and you're all set

You'll use probably about three quarter cups of gumbo with the cauliflower rice Probably a good portion It's going to be very filling, and just tasty as all So, with that, if you enjoy what you see, go ahead and give this a try Hit the subscribe button

Give it a thumbs up Share with your friends And also, if you make your own gumbo, what do you like to add to it? What do you like to do with it How do you make your own roux to go with your gumbo? Put it down in the comment box below And, until then, I'll see you next time

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