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And today, we are going to talk about the myths associated with high fat consumption on a Low Diet Carb and we're gonna fight back all that nonsense that we hear when people see us eating more fat than they consider a normal amount To begin with, it is not absurd that amount of fat that we we eat on a Low Carb diet or even on a ketogenic diet In fact, most populations historically have always eaten more fat than what has been been prescribed for us in the last 50, 60 years and none of these societies had so many health problems that our current society has Especially the seven points that people say will be caused by the consumption of fat are diseases of modernity, so can not be attributed to ancestral foods The seven points, the seven dangers that people say we will pass when we eat when they see us eating a high-fat food, eating the egg, meat fat are: increased total cholesterol, increased cholesterol bad, increased triglycerides and of course also that you eating fat will get fat

And we also have the myth associated with fat in the liver, high blood pressure and diabetes type 2 Anyway, now we're going to say why eating more fat is not associated with outcomes negative in these seven points and before we explain each one of them, it is important to do an alert: that this video is made for information We want to inform you of the studies, books and research we read, but it is not prescriptive We are not telling you to do something specifically, but rather for you and you talk to your doctor, nutritionist or health care to see what is best for you and your specific case Before we go to the first point, leave your like here in the video because you saw that the video is good, the theme is very interesting and already subscribe to the channel also for all the weeks you get informed when we publish videos like the one on the channel

So let's go to the first point Well, the first two reasons, we're going to attack with only one shot In fact, they refer to increased total cholesterol and also increased LDL It is important to note that these two types of cholesterol may even increase in a diet Low Carb, a diet high in fats, especially if the intake of fats is of the saturated type, most of them But why are people so afraid of cholesterol? Are not they afraid of cholesterol, what are they afraid of, Roney? They are afraid of the heart disease that is associated with this cholesterol, but before it is worth noting that no randomized clinical trial, degree of evidence we have today, has never been able to find this relationship between higher cholesterol and heart disease, and higher mortality from heart disease

In fact, what we have discovered is that using total cholesterol, which is one of the largest people's fears, to relate to heart disease is a very poor marking, a marker with little significance, being that it has more important markers like, for example, the proportions between HDL and total cholesterol and also between HDL and triglycerides; besides is of the abdominal circumference That is, if you lose weight and your cholesterol fractions improve on a higher diet in fat or low in carbohydrates, so you have less heart risk than a person who eats low fats, but has these fractures all clumsy and a large belly So we separated these two myths, the first one being the increase in cholesterol total It can really, for some people, be an increase in total cholesterol, increase, in large part, is due to HDL, that is, called good cholesterol So by increasing HDL more, your ratio in HDL and LDL will get even better and as Guilherme spoke, this proportion being one of the important markers

Even HDL is associated with cardiac protection, an improvement in heart health Just to give an example, a person could have 180 total cholesterol and 30 HDL, she have more cardiac risk only for this marker than if she had 200 total cholesterol and 50 of HDL, that is, increasing 20 points in each one is more protected than if she was in the first situation And in LDL it is also a specific fear of people to increase, that this cholesterol is called bad, although, for us, it does not make sense to call bad something that our own body produces and is necessary to live; in this increase of LDL cholesterol, still on a high-fat diet, what may happen is to change the type of LDL because there is only one type of LDL It has two types: one with more beneficial particles and one with more dangerous particles And in a high-fat Low Carb diet, what may happen is an increase in these particles more beneficial and a reduction of the most dangerous particles

But it's worth pointing out: a small part of the population may have a known condition by dyslipidemia, what is it? When you ingest a little more saturated fat, these people's cholesterol tends to to shoot It will really stay at absurd levels and of course, whether you have this condition or not, always take exams and see your doctor before taking a change in your diet For these people it may not even be advisable to follow a diet so high in fat, but it is your health professional who will decide So let's now turn to myth number three, another fear associated with high diets in fat, which would be the increase in triglycerides Well, in fact, the rise in triglycerides in the bloodstream is mostly fruit of a high carbohydrate intake When the body is no longer able to handle these carbohydrates very well circulating in our bloodstream, including because all this glucose is somewhat how toxic to our body – no wonder carbohydrates are burned before of fat – and we've already mentioned that in another video The liver, our body, is going to pick up this bunch of glucose that is circulating and triglycerides, which are particles less toxic to our body

That is, a lower carbohydrate intake and a low carbohydrate diet in general and higher in fat is associated with a decrease in them and not an increase The fourth myth would be that you eating more fat, would gain more fat That old story of "You are what you eat" Fortunately this is not true Just as we, like dozens of people who sign our channel, hundreds, already have many reports of weight loss to prove in addition to scientific studies and a lot randomized clinical trial showing that Low Carb works

Luckily, this "You are what you eat" story is not so direct, huh? Because we do not eat peas and we turn green, we do not eat bananas and we turn yellow and we do not eat fats and we get fat So we already know, it is already proven that the Low Carb diet works and a diet high in fat will not get you fat Quite the opposite In that same fact that eating fat makes you fat, there are also many people who think that increasing the amount of fat in a diet can lead to cases of fat in the liver, that is, the known non-alcoholic steatosis This is the continuation of the myth that you are eating fat, magically that fat everything would go to your liver and you would suffer the consequences of it, but that would not just not true, such as a low-carbohydrate diet, especially low in fructose, can be very beneficial to treat liver fat, hepatic steatosis

Even we have an article there on our site that a master in American nutrition wrote and translated, explaining how a diet low in carbohydrates, in the case she cites the ketogenic diet, it may be helpful to treat people who have this condition The link is here in the description and you can read the full article there But the bottom line is: fat not only does not cause fat in the liver, but can help fight this problem On the other hand, the excess carbohydrates in a diet can this fat in the liver And taking advantage of this point of excess carbohydrates and health problems and our text of the nutritionist American, we are going to the sixth myth which is that a diet high in fats would be worse for diabetes

We know that many people who start to have pre-diabetes or type-diabetes 2 has the recommendation to reduce fats and increase whole carbohydrates, but why that? I really do not know Generally what they are advised is to lose weight – most cases are people who already have weight problems as well – and what the traditional people who are not up to date, from people who are not looking at the modern evidence that are coming out, is that this should be done according to the old food pyramid and counting the calories artificially But if you're here you're probably already bald to know that this does not work in the long term and that a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet will present results in the administration of this disease, of that condition that is diabetes In fact, diabetes is nothing more than a difficulty of the body in dealing with glucose, either because the body does not produce insulin – which is the case with type 1 diabetes, which is a condition natural, sometimes genetic, sometimes autoimmune – or the case of diabetes type 2 – which is a condition acquired by bad habits and a lifestyle which is not consistent with good health – so it does not make sense to just medicate and continue with the type of food that generated that lifestyle And speaking of nutritionist text, nutritionist Jéssica Teixeira wrote a text in our explain why she believes and why the evidence Low Carb diet may be interesting to treat type 2 diabetes and this diet is high in fat

Once again the warning: If you are already on a diabetes treatment, you have to talk to your doctor first before moving to a Low Carb diet because many it may be necessary to decrease the dosage of your medicine and only your doctor will be able to tell you what is best for you We are here showing what is an alternative therapy that exists, that several doctors around the world use it successfully and that various nutritionists encourage patients to with diabetes, and that, at last, there is plenty of evidence for you to study and talk to your doctor about it And just so you can think, before the seventh myth, whether for a person who has intolerance lactose, that is, it does not handle lactose very well, the diet is restricted to lactose and a celiac person, who has problems with gluten, we avoid giving gluten to she; why a person who does not handle carbohydrates and sugars well let her eat whole carbohydrates, which are the same thing when they enter your body, and prevent it from eating fats, which has virtually no effect on the insulin? It is worth thinking about this, even because this analogy was also drawn by Jessica in the full text in the blog that I already told you, that has the link here in the description And now we can go to the seventh point which is also another disease, it is another evil known of modernity, which is hypertension or high blood pressure Well, usually high blood pressure is not a symptom that comes on its own, for most people, that is, it comes along with other bad health conditions and as we have already seen, a Low Carb diet can solve several of these conditions as in the case of cholesterol, such as in the case of triglycerides and as in the case of fat in the liver or abdominal fat, which are all factors that could also be associated with high blood pressure

And there are supporting studies and doctors practicing a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet to help treat this problem as well Of course, if high blood pressure has a genetic origin or has some other source that does not be food and lifestyle, other complementary treatments may be necessary that only your doctor will be able to guide you But it is important to remember that when it is caused only by poor diet and by bad habits, it may be interesting to change that eating and habits to see if they really reverse those negative health conditions that are associated to as many bad outcomes as heart disease, strokes, and any kind of cardiovascular disease also Well, so that was our video today, rebutting these seven myths about Low Carb diets and their higher fat intake than people are accustomed to, but that we know it is not such a high intake of fat

If you have someone who grabs your foot with fat intake, be it a relative or some friend or co-worker, relative, anyway, probably this person just wants her good, only she does not know what she's talking about because she heard a certain information repeated throughout her life Then you can show this video to her So she will know better, she will be able to read on our site the articles she have curiosity, see the references and will understand that what you are doing is not is no madness It is an investment in your health for the rest of your life Well, those were the seven myths

I do not know if you've ever fallen into any of them, but we're here to demystify the your health and your nutrition That's why it's very important that you evaluate our five-star podcast there ITunes store or on your favorite podcast player so we can grow every time more We'll see each other next week, with a hot interview with a specialist A big hug from Mr

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