Hey guys today, I'm gonna be talking about low carb dieting hacks please keep watching Hello so I want to talk about my own personal low carb dieting hacks now some especially when you're transitioning into ketosis? Can be a bitch so these are my little hacks for transitioning into ketosis and These are also my low-carb tips for being consistent with your diet as well, so not cheating But there are kind of loopholes around stuff You can have so let's get right into it number 1 Bacon like bacon deserves to be its own point seriously it saved my diet on occasion bacon will save you Number two the side effects now the side effects of the ketosis flu Can be really severe I had a head today when I first started it this time

I've had headaches I've got trouble with my stomach pains but now I'm fine and the reason why I'm fine and these two major tips that I'm gonna give you one if You've got headaches especially Just get a cup of water get a half a cup of water Put a teaspoon of salt in and drink it up your drop in salt and water like no man's business So you need to replenish that and also? Hydrate I drink 3 liters a day of water number three whole milk in your coffee and tea rather than cream Atkins and things like that They say try and use cream as much as you can No, thank you whole milk will be fine number four fat bar now I do I try to drink one of these like every other day and Basically what a fat bomb is is a drink with coffee You can use coconut oil I Tend to use just like grass-fed butter to be honest to get some of the weight off you have to actually Put fat into your body to get fat number five Atkins bars, I'm usually really really good for about a month on a diet straight I can just blow it out, but then I Start craving chocolate because I'm a chocoholic I love the fudge caramel bar and what I do is the pretty chunky They come pretty big and even though there's only two grams of carb and there are quite a lot of calories So I'm not really into that life, so now So what I do is just half the bar There's boxes

I think this box is on Amazon for sixteen It's like 20 quid and so if you have them you've got 30 days worth of chocolate number six pork Scratchings I love pork scratching It's good for snacking on just if you craving like crisp and stuff like that It's just something that you can actually have on low carb diets because there's hardly any carbs now on Saturday night I used to blow out with the takeaway and stuff like that so I've replaced my kind of array of crisp and chocolate for a cheese board I've got like I've got I usually get about 4 different sorts of cheeses Like little bits I'm not talking like just eat a block of cheese a little bit of cheese And then kind of get myself some pickles and stuff and some little sausages And I just kind of pick out on that really number a spirits and alcohol You can drink alcohol as long as it's a spirit so whiskey gin vodka all of those But what will happen to you about it is you won't step out of ketosis but? You'll burn the alcohol first before you burn any more fat on your body So if you're really craving a night out like I was the other week Just keep the spirits and your weight loss won't suffer number 9 I can't stress this one enough increase your fiber and Especially when you're transitioning into ketosis I didn't this time I did last time I had fiber supplements And I got my stomach pains this time when I didn't take them so if you're transitioning into ketosis Me personally would take them the fibre it will help with your digestion and getting you sorted for the weeks to come when you feeling better My last and certainly not least hack is low-carb pasta I'm a pasta and pizza eater, so It's either pizza or pasta and I have to have one so I choose the pasta it's on Amazon It's actually called low carb pasta, and that's the one I eat I'll put a link to that below in my description if you want to check that out I love it I just put a little bit of my pasta with either tuna fish and cheese or something like that and you can actually Feel like you're not dieting for like a second, so it really does work, so there you are They are my top ten hacks for surviving Ketosis and a low carb diet

I hope you enjoyed listening to these sorts of things that I do myself So please subscribe if you like this video Please like this video if you're gonna actually try some of the things that I've just been talking about and also comment if you're actually tried or Like I've give you some ideas to try kind of comment and let me know about your own experiences with low carb diet tip That'll be great So thank you very much for watching as always and I'll see you tomorrow

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