I'm gonna sneeze, huh No we're good, I think we're good hi guys so today I want to talk to you about Really that's my dog like just Scratching the carpet

I have no idea if you hear like tapping That's my dog That's my dog Lilly Can I please do did you choose the video? Today we're gonna do five cones of low carb dieting So let's get right into it number one it has to be the ketose flu or Loca flu as some people call it when you enter Ketosis your body is transitioning It's learning to adapt So it kind of purges itself in a way and that kind of comes to the surface as headaches I had tension headaches When I first started it it could also make you feel a bit sick nausea, and it just generally makes you feel unwell but It passes it really does pass and it lasts about three to four days depending on your body and It can be different for everyone, but for me it lasts about 3 to 4 days We just feel the mood, but then after that My sleep pattern improved Kind of my general well-being improved my get up and go in the morning improved like I have more energy

I'm more awake Hmm so my advice Work through it Because you'll reap the rewards after you do number two has to be Sustainability now what I mean by sustainability is I've done low carb dieting twice I've also lost the weight twice I then eat normally Thinking that I can eat chocolate I can eat The kebab I just think well that's the way yeah me now call order myself with like Six months of what I should have been eating you do pile the pants back on when you come off a little card, item and you eat normally, but The idea is not to eat normally It's just is just logic isn't it, but don't worry cuz I didn't follow the logic I thought back on it did we did go back on so after you've finished and you've lost the weight Don't eat crap And you won't put the weight back on number three is It's on a little bit personal but it's worth saying Is hardly any fiber in a little cup diet so you're right the idea is to get your fiber from the veggies the veggie carbs so like cauliflower and cabbage and all that sort of stuff, but couldn't I'm trying to say this as eloquently as I can but basically poo better, okay It's basically Boober cuz I've been on shakes Foot bath ten days or eight days nowadays This is my night day my god They just blend together Obviously my fiber intake is just what's in the shake pack, which should be fine to refer but apparently it's not because during my Iquitos transitioning which can also be that as well I Had terrible stomach pains it was horrific But I worked through it it lasted about a day And then I was fine again basically what it is you either missing a little bit of salt from your diet or you need to hydrate yourself and mine was just But be do why do I keep it? On video and never birth at least it's done shakes I'm telling her can kind of get bad wind and constipation for like a ketose transition but like I said, it's like the other one as soon as it's As soon as you past that point Your your okay your your set and you're gonna lose weight, so is it was a bit wind Probably probably is okay so number four nice for mmm It could be argued that there's not a lot of options on low-carb

I tend to just Stick with the things I really will enjoy on low-carb, but I'm fine And I'm the most kind of like I'm such a foodie It's unreal You just stick to what you enjoy It is a con, but a con you can easily work through for my last and final point a 5 is Not you probably confused by this one because you think that's such a pro like oh It's pro Not con, but it is a kind of con for me, which is Loss of appetite and why it's a con for me is because I forget to eat Especially on these shakes because I'm used to hunger kind of triggering me to go and get food and it's not doing So I actually have to work at going on oh, it's dinnertime I have to go get shake but again That's something I can personally work through just set an alarm for For your dinner, and those are my 5 Cons for look updated a little cap diet said the best diet for me personally weight Just drops off and I really really just enjoy how it makes me feel but There are cons to it and those are my biggest 5 cons, so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please subscribe to my channel you will see a lot more of these kinds of videos and And please like this video if you liked it, and thank you for watching, I'll see you tomorrow You


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