Hey, what's up in this video I make a keto deep-dish pizza So I got this recipe from Matt and Megha from keto connect and the recipe is linked down at the bottom All right enough chitchat down to it started from left to right I have some mozzarella cheese followed by some oregano powder and Rao's pizza sauce specifically pizza sauce I wouldn't use marinera Marinara is too runny but pizza sauce has the right kind of consistency and I use Tetons grass-fed beef sausages with some applewood smoked bacon And I also use the almond flour So here I have the cut-up bacon as well as the sausage already cut up into pieces of food in a 10-inch cast-iron skillet And over here, I have my almond flour And I also have melted mozzarella cheese in that bowl Which I had preheated for 30 seconds

Then I threw the almond flour on top followed by three eggs I went ahead and whisk that up and then I added The oregano powder added about three tablespoons to here and here's where I have the leftover grease from the bacon and the sausage Now I'm gonna throw this grease on top of the dough mix here Just pour it all and all that bacon grease It's delicious But the taste does come out I ate it all just kidding I put it on to the pan and here we go with the parchment paper down and I pressed it with this salt shaker Which really did help cuz they did that in the video So I figured I have one of those why not make it easy on myself But here's where I should have added some oil on top of the dough To keep the parchment paper from sticking So here we go I'm gonna put it in the oven now for I think about 12 minutes gonna heat up and it's gonna cook up and solidify Oh, there's my Jim Beam I gotta have it any time I cook I gotta have some bourbon or some whiskey I found some Jim Beam in the back poured a glass and yeah, I like it with ice There's kind of this mozzarella cheese to cover up the holes

Anyway, it came out pretty good I baked it for another five minutes and this is where I add in all the pepperoni salami to be exact I threw it all on top of that and Then followed it up with our friends there and bacon and sausage Then I use the entire thing of rao's pizza sauce throw in some mozzarella More mozzarella and then added some Parmesan cheese on top of that Immediately right after I went ahead and just mixed it up a little bit and this is what it looked like now This is before putting into the oven for 30 minutes looks pretty good Throw it in there and Thirty minutes later It came out pretty good So we'll look at it right now here It is 30 minutes later pretty good consistency all around You know, I just kind of let it sit there for another 5-10 minutes Let's get a taste test

See what people think Is it cheesy enough for you HOT it is ha Yeah It was pretty tasty I Wasn't too much of a fan of the crest I think I went a little overboard on the oregano So you really like oregano Definitely go heavy on it

But if you're like me doesn't really like it too much definitely back off to maybe half of what it says I also had a few foul-ups in that the the crust Ended up getting torn by the parchment paper when I was trying to take it off I'm not sure What happened there? I think I should have oiled it on the top I think that would have helped if I were to use them like avocado oil or something and just kind of based it on top Of the crust and then put the parchment paper down but when it came out of the oven I was pulling off the parchment paper and it ripped a few holes out at the bottom and I had to Fill it with mozzarella cheese, so it came out extra cheesy I would definitely do this again I had to triple the ingredients list because my My iron skillet was a lot bigger They used the six inch I used the ten inch no complaints there I just had more pizza question of the day is what kind of pizza do you like? How do you like it? It doesn't have to be Keto

But if it is cool comment down below

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