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okay guys don't panic I know that I said that I would be back this week and the channel would be normal again I through that weird vlog style video on you and I said I'll be back this week and we'll do recipe reviews there's been an emergency hashtag keto cook-off have you seen it our friends over at Keto Connect, Megha and Matt they've thrown the gauntlet down they've issued a challenge it's a Chopped-style challenge where they've given us three ingredients and they've asked us to come up with a recipe so here it is on Friday night and we're going to do this though all right so let's get started the three ingredients this time for their Keto cook-off, hashtag Keto Cook Off they're going to judge us on they can't taste it right so they're going to judge us on looks I think it was and creativity and the photo this is an Instagram challenge hashtag Keto cook-off let's see hold on let's watch him let's watch – hold on mystery ingredient come on Matt open the box we ain't looking at your address

hot sauce and I don't have okay cuz I got that weird green stuff you got there I don't have that all right I got some Louisiana Hot Sauce also, Sriracha! Oh chicken chicken chicken I haven't have chicken parts who doesn't Matt hush you're talking too loud olives with me to Agra she's going with his recipe all right no but I do have some oops backwards some Lindsey olives I don't like them can't stand them since all right we got this we got this y'all I think I know what I'm going to do and so my ingredients are they are going to include all right the chicken right we've got the olives I don't know where the height came from is it even in seat like I'm gets good till 2020 Lord we got forever on that and then the hot sauce alright so I got some crystal I don't know if I'm going to use that yet or some rooster sauce sriracha don't know which of those I'm going to use yet and I think I know what I'm going to do and some of that's going to include some marinade ha ha dukes this is like a southern staple you ain't southern if you ain't got no Dukes in your refrigerator and I hate olives blech hate them but what I'm going to do is make a tapenade I think some throw this stuff in the food processor maybe with a caper or two maybe some Lindsay had in health capers and olives make a little make a little um tapenade so let's just season this alright we're going to poach this I'll be back in about 25-30 minutes these are boneless and skinless but they are thighs so headbangers kitchen he can't use a chicken breast but I know you ate your chicken thighs early so we'll give you a pass all right meet you back in the second Cheers okay this is done we're going to pull this up alright so we just let this cool for just a minute we don't want to cool all the way down and you're going to see what happens next okay now we pull the chicken up while this is still kind of warm we're going to do this watch this stand mixer you can do this with a hand mixer to paddle attachment not the whisk chicken works better the breasts at it those thoughts butter what's the size two got to be boneless at a cover and voila you have beautifully shredded chicken if you can get it off the paddle so from here on out we're just making some basic chicken salad but I'm going to add a couple of interesting flavors I love a curried chicken salad and a lot of times it comes with nuts and it comes with raisin and we're not going to do that what you'll do what we're going to do all right so we've got shredded chicken I need a little bit of salt in that so some himilayan sea salt and this is all just kind of by eye I could give you a recipe for this but it really depends on how much chicken you have and how much flavor you want all right so mayonnaise love me some dukes this is some low carb mayonnaise yes it has seed oils it's made with seed oils so I'm going to get you know fair amount and we're going to put a little bit of hot sauce and we're going to do some onion powder and some garlic powder just a little shake or two and here's where we kind of get interesting some curry powder curry chicken salad and just sort of eyeball it here and see what you think whoa we didn't have a shaker on it so thanks a lot uh-huh okay and some pepper and let's see what this looks like let's just give it a go oops I'm excited so I'm going to get on them everywhere so I win it all over the counter okay add it a little more curry top of that looking good girls and boys good that give good all right so we're going to make this tapenade now and a tapenade is the fancy word for like I think it means just like solid slops I'm not an olive fan really not I enjoy the brightness I enjoy the saltiness my problem is olives it really is a texture situation it tastes like you're like eating belly buttons or something I don't know it's weird like the saltiness I like the flavor it's that weird waxy like a cooked belly button I don't know what I don't know how it's to tell you so all right we're going to god bless put this thing together so we're going to solve that by making a little tapenade which is just diced up olives I'm going to throw some capers in it I'm going to throw some olive oil in it salt and pepper and you'll see what I mean we're going to take a can of sliced bellybuttons I mean olives and all right let me drain it hold on okay so all right I've got the olives we're going to throw them in there we're going to put a few capers in and I'll show how to do this like Giada De Laurentiis she drives me crazy she will stick her whole finger down in that jar just jam down in there and get them and throw them out in here all right let's do this let's just get a little handful of these this is also for salt capers it's good from here I'm going to add a little olive oil to this for in fact it's already got a fair amount of salt in it but I'm gonna hit it the late one or two times just make sure give it a little salt get a little bit of garlic powder little bit squeeze it up your night plug in okay we're back so let's just host this this is these olives and these capers making a talking odd fancy word for olives lop pull your blade out that thing will cut your leg off you better not touch it here we go we've made our chicken salad curry chicken salad we've made our fabulous olive tapenade we have some hot sauce ready from sriracha and here's where I have a bit of a shamefulness to say have you watched my bread battle video do you remember when I brought out the loaf of commercial bread and I said something about Oh one day when you're hungry and things are late and you might need something along those lines do you remember that I told you this was an emergency this is the key to a cook-off so tonight I'm pulling out the big guns now everybody gets voted off Chopped or Top Chef when they use a premade item but tonight I've got to so here we go we're making canapes fancy word for a little bite watch this I have lost all respect I realize by pulling out some pre-made low-carb bread from the low-carb bread company Jeez I don't have any circle biscuit cutters with me so guess what we're doing stars gotta love them Jeez Louise that does not even cut I thought that would be easy it's not Oh what's there it's one good my god yes that cuckoo remember what I said it was tough this bread with coffee lots of evidence right there can you cut it with a cookie cutter all right act got a Molly okay now you're going to make it these are the perfect appetizers so you're going to do that about 27 more times watch this some little so we're just going to try to get these nice and buttery on both sides and just toast them just ever so slightly now those are almost have a nice color on it right here now this can be I'm doing it with bread here you could make some fat head crackers you could do some parmesan crisps you know where you bake the Parmesan cheese or the you can even do with cheddar cheese in the oven and make little crisps crackers you could do this with truthfully what I was going to do this tonight with when I saw the challenge initially and was going to do you know I thought about doing an appetizer we all make these big pots you know keto stuff seems to be these big big pots and big meals and lots of meat and meat and huge and all this we never see any small little bite-size appetizers so that's what I want to kind of to do here this would be great on a slice of cucumber just slice a cucumber really thin and then use that as the base for your chicken salad so alright so these little guys are beautiful our little stars here we're going to take them up come on here guy get up all right so let's assemble our little creations here I've got toasted bread I've got some garlic chives that I'm just there I mean obviously going to taste beautiful but they're also going to be a beautiful garnish and alright so we've got these little guys here and these going to be perfect little party pass-arounds, if you will so just try to make these as beautiful as you can again this would be great on a cucumber slice would be ideal this is some of that weird low carb bread that I told you guys that I would only use if I had to keep them in my freezer and guess what that's what I did a little curried chicken salad this is chicken thighs they're so juicy those are going to be super tasty that's something I keep around all the time to be honest with you the chicken vine I know I lick my fingers you're not supposed to okay so from here the one thing we were missing in our chicken salad with something briny remember the pickles are the olives or something like that that's what I love topping out is for this is just some black olives some capers olive oil salt pepper garlic powder whizzed up in the food processor now you really just need the slightest amount of this stuff because this stuff is powerful you can't see anything because of my head now I want to add a few little black sesame seeds yep it's another seed but they're just so pretty just I mean little-league six or eight of them make such a nice impression we can't even see them on that black olive tapenade and finally to the hot sauce a lot more popular hot sauces there than that rooster sauce just a dab will do you so we're just going to put a slight little drizzle can our tongs and let's put a few little garlic chives on I think I can do it my fingers actually I'm going to cut these again a little too long not too many garlic chives are strong so these are just really give it a nice little color here we are I need to replate this for us but little tiny canapes to pass around at a party a little low-carb party so challenge accepted mega and that hashtag keto cook-off hashtag it's a late on a Friday night but I did it anyway Cheers I'm going to take photos of this and then I'm going to take this all right let's try it little olive tapenade little curry chicken salad little garlic chive little low-carb toast from low carb bread company who I poo pood before all that good kind of tastes like a chicken salad sandwich oh it's hot spicy curry olive brine heat garlic mayonnaise delicious I'm ready for the next one try me again now if you liked this video hit the like button below or better yet like this video and subscribe to our Channel these videos are away from me to maintain my focus on a low-carb eating plan I've personally experienced the weight loss and better health the low carb lifestyle can produce so I appreciate you guys coming along for the journey we make videos every day so if there's a low carb recipe out there you'd like me to try let me know in the comments below we'll see you again soon

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