Darrius it this is sibylla's crystal sugar-free destination of youtube enjoy me I'm feel free endowed now a low carb cinnamon walnut pan fried salmon is a very different direction for this channel but for me it's normal I do savory I do spicy and you know I do sweet in my day to day I make a conscious effort to prepare my meals to perfection spices are so important for taste and the better off you'll know how to use them the more complex and versatile all your meals will taste now allow me to say this quickly I'm using what I'll call settlement if you've never heard the horrors of farm rings while call anything seafood is a must with that being said I create a range of spices with bitter spicy and sweet notes yes cinnamon salt black pepper dry mustard and Hungarian paprika now Hungarian and regular paprika are a little bit different Hungarian has sweet notes to it and regular paprika just doesn't yeah before I start full recipe details over at Sheila's Christos com the link is in the description box below let's start out by making the skin crispy on the salmon all you need is a little olive oil sprinkle it around like I did now this is exactly a pound of salmon about four servings if you do four ounces of piece now for the people watching their caloric intake they weigh their food and myself I used to do it all the time I don't do it as much anymore because I mean I've done it so long I can kind of eyeball it and just get it right now you don't have to you can just go for now after you leave the salmon down for a bit at medium-high heat and let that skin crisp it up a little bit pull it off and set it to the side for one second like one second now there's another element that I'm adding to this low-carb cinnamon walnut pan fried salmon Elman and it's balsamic vinegar now for the keto people you can get by with this there is simply too Gramps net carbs per tablespoon and that's four servings in the settlement you'll be fine but Simon vinegar has a little bit of a sweet taste to it which which is going elevate all the flavors in this now on low heat place the settlement back down skin-side up this time leaving all your previous juices from the salmon that were in the pan before don't take those out now add your Islamic vinegar and lemon juice I forgot to record myself doing it the bizarre vinegar and the lemon juice so my apologies now allow that to simmer a little bit man keep a close eye on it because you don't want all your liquid to cook out and you want to keep an eye on the doneness of the sound I'm not sure if you like it medium rare well done people prefer different things after it's all done you can pour a little bit of the balsamic vinegar on top of the settlement now you don't need all of it which brings me to my point once again you know that I had to worry about carbs on this one no spring your walnuts on top of that this is a low carb or walnuts almond after all now you could have put your walnut inside of your vinegar bed and when I soften them up or anything I mean they just would have had that flavor on them but I tried it I've tried it both ways you've really can't tell the difference poor recipe details over at sugarless crystals dot-com and in the link in the description box below nice one on sound has so many different layers to it certain layers you hit they get sweet then you get salty they get a little spicy the complexity of that dish it's wonderful now I know we should worry about the bus stomach vinegar but a simple fact that you're not ready to fourth of a cup of vinegar you're probably not gonna eat a whole tablespoon worth of vinegar if you do I mean how you did it but okay but every once in a while you get the cinnamon notes then everything is so often you'll get a balsamic vinegar then you get the taste of the paprika and the salt it just works so well it all comes together very nicely if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you first time you hit that subscribe button we post every Wednesday and Saturday now if you look to your left you'll see my latest video been a video just for you I am Darius this is sugarless Christmas just sugar free destination of YouTube and I'm not a chef I'm gonna say Tayna bye


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