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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today we are making a super easy yummy supper treat for you quesadillas I'm going to show you how easy it is to make these high protein and low carb and actually have a healthy quesadilla so stick around alright make your chicken quesadillas what you're going to need is about a cup of diced cooked chicken I've used chicken breasts here and then I've got about half a cup or a little bit more than that of sweet pepper so I've got red peppers and yellow peppers and I have a little over a quarter cup of diced red onion and then I have about two cups not quite of shredded cheese and I'm going to actually add and coat my shredded cheese with some natural Nutralean that's what's going to give us the extra protein and the fiber so we feel really super full now I'm going to start by frying up my chicken and my vegetables in my pan now I'm using a cast-iron skillet because those are better for you than the non-stick pans and I've already pre-seasoned it I've got some avocado oil which has a really high flash point so avocado oil is great to cook with so I'm just going to throw in my veggies and my chicken here and I'm going to go ahead and fry those up now my chickens already been pre-cut it's already cooked chicken so I'm really just browning everything lightly and I want to see that my onions are clear all the way through and then I'm going to put them back into another container and we're going to use that to the filling for our quesadillas now if you want you can always add a little bit of your natural Nutralean right to your can so I'm just going to add not quite half a scoop here I'm just going to sprinkle it over top just lightly just like you would with some seasonings and then go ahead and stir that up so it's evenly coated alright now that our chicken and all our veggies are perfectly cooked I'm just going to transfer them here to a bowl I'm just going to set this aside and the trick to having your quesadillas of course is we're using a low-carb tortilla the brand on these ones happens to be mama Lupe and they're about I believe for net grams of carbohydrate in each one and they're pretty high in fiber and they're perfect for making your quesadillas okay so the trick is to take your cheese and I throw my grated cheese into a bowl here and then I'm going to add again a scoop of natural Nutralean right into right into my shredded cheese and it will coat your shredded cheese just perfectly and that's what's going to help you to feel so full you're not eating tons of quesadillas you're going to eat your one serving and then you're going to feel full for hours here we go I'm going to take my low-carb tortilla make sure that my pan is on and heating and I am using a nonstick pan for this one just because I find it harder to do with the wrought iron pan I'm going to make sure I have it sprayed really well I'm using an olive oil instead of a seed oil so when you start to build your quesadilla throw it on like this and start with your cheese on one side and put a little layer of cheese nice and even across it and then you're going to take your mixture that you cooked up a little bit earlier and go ahead and put that over the top just like that you can make it pretty much as full as you want now I'm going to add a little bit more cheese on top that's what's going to make it stick really nicely together I'm going to fold it in half just like that once your cheese is starting to melt really well you can go ahead and flip it to the other side and cook it up so it's golden brown now if you're not going to do it on the frying pan like I am the other way I like to do it is in the oven so if you turn your oven on at 450 degrees and do it for both 15 minutes on parchment paper you can also bake your quesadillas instead of frying them and the great thing about doing quesadillas this way with your little curved tortillas is it's perfect for leftovers so if you've leftover steak leftover hamburger even you can make a quesadilla with almost anything you have in your fridge once you're ready flip it over so everything's nice and melted in the middle and look at that it could be any easier we've got a perfect absolutely perfect quesadilla all right look at this I'm going to cut one of these up and we're going to have to give it a try these are so good look at that ooie gooie full of cheese but also full of fiber and protein so you feel so full this is a decadent treat that's actually healthy for you I think I'm going to have to give it a try here mmm oh this is so good it's like crunchy on the outside got melted cheese on the inside you've got your chicken you've got your veggies you've got your protein and perfect for it go ahead and use some Greek yogurt put some natural neutral e in it and some salsa and you've got perfect depth for an absolutely sublime treat this is really good I can't wait to hear how it turned out for you guys make sure you comment and of course subscribe and check back next week for a new episode thanks guys

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