I posted a review of Halo Tops blueberry crumble and I was inspired I figured maybe I can make my own and little did I know it becomes so much more I am there is this is sugarless Christmas Josh every destination of you to enjoy me I'm different and low-carb blueberry cheesecake ice cream now that's a mouthful I'm excited just to say so my last ice cream was Starbucks pink drink I personally thought it was amazing well it was pretty good but me being the perfectionist I am I wanted better more creaminess more authenticity and I'm inspired by halo town also some pretty big shoes to fill this cooking thing happens to be a science and that smiles up MIT now this is designed to be Church just answer the mix-ins have to be added after frozen you can't do it before and just stick it in the freezer it's not gonna work if not they'll float to the bottom or they'll get a corporative all together and just a mess but once I get a no charm version down like actually now since the mix has to cool let's go ahead and make this can I talk a little later Oh bang pour recipe details will be over at sugar ice crystals calm along with where you can get all their ingredients from we will start with almond milk heavy cream cream cheese egg yolks and stevia now I'm going to pause that for a second now you will see I didn't put it in there in that order don't make my mistake okay I thought I could add the cream cheese later because I needed to mix it up together and I didn't want the cream cheese kind of like bumping around in there man that was the biggest mistake I made because see after I the rest of the mixer was like that we don't know you you can't come and he'll with us put you out like the cream cheese just it wouldn't bond with the rest of the mixture because the rexes make the rest of the mix you had already joined together so they were just like forget you in the beginning get your cream cheese room temperature and then mix it with your heavy cream and then add the almond oil that way everything can be formed together lands for my mistakes no vegetable glycerin can be found in most food products this helps with the overall smoothness of the ice cream this version right here is full great and it doesn't take much at all so this is gonna last a very long time it does have a taste it's a sweeter taste but if you use too much you're gonna know you use too much know after you got all your wet ingredients put together we're gonna mix our gums with that granulated sweetener monk through of course it's my coats we will use Caleb blood and gargle now this is care of gum also known as locust bean gum I did is anthon gum in the last month and that was a mistake I'm actually gonna have to update their recipe bussines anthem that makes the ice cream well gummy the vegetable glycerin has his uses but it is optional meaning you don't have to use it but it will make your ice cream smoother but this gum is highly recommended for any homemade ice cream it's that powerful it completely transformed my ice cream when I first put it in there breathing and gritty and this was the best thing I've ever done yeah anyway while you're mixing all your wet ingredients together this is the point where you pour are your granulator or dry ingredients into the wet because gums clump up so fast the mixer is good like before it can clump up it gets it in and make sure you do it while it's still cold and after you do all that you place it into the ice cream maker half your work is already done after that's done we'll and I make sense but while it's cooking whoa while it's churning well get them together real fast I'm using the same blueberry all food I used before and it's just simply a tablespoon of it that's stuck in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds just to melt it down I'm not adding a sweetener this time because there's enough sweetener in the ice cream itself it'll balance itself out trust me and what I'm doing to give you more of a Graham crust I'm gonna use golden monk fruit along with a little cinnamon into it and we're gonna mix that in there too and if you remember that blueberry offer came from my lemon blueberry cake I'll put that in the cart above but if you like brown sugar truly I suggest using that over the golden monk fruit it's not the same like the golden Hmong who has a brown sugar taste but it doesn't have the brown sugar consistency and that moisture is everything but I used to go to mug fruit person and we're gonna simply swirl all those ingredients together and mix them up good and you actually you could eat it right now if you want to or stick it in the fridge to let it harden a little more but I think it's the best fresh out of the ice cream machine personally for recipe details over and sugarless crystals and dot-com go check that out and all the ingredients will be listed over there as well and the macros I'm just throwing that child out there just just Oh start this over I have the low-carb blueberry cheesecake ice cream right here you know I'm quite fond of this laughing god I didn't put it on camera but there is blueberry extract inside the ice cream itself also so you get an exit so you definitely get a blueberry flavor in there I do apologize for that I forgot the critic the blueberry extract and the cream teas are fighting a little bit but you can still tell the cream cheese is there if that makes sense you get a load it's not much of a tankiness to it but it's there and then you get there the cinnamon and the month I made the sentiment and the go-to monk fruit that little powder is definitely swimming throughout the ice cream and you can say said to the blueberry swirl I wonder if I could tell if I took it out would I be able to tell if it was there or not I think I would because I do get hints of it I mean it's only I mean this is a lot of ice cream for just a tablespoon but I mean you can't help but see it you know so I'm wondering if I took it out what would I be able to taste a difference I tasted it in that bite I can't tell if it wasn't in there if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button we do videos every Wednesday and Saturday now now a heads up this Saturday there won't be a YouTube video but there will be a blog post I was trying to make a recipe and I couldn't get their ingredients together but it kept coming out bad so I might have to actually push it behind because it sent me back what kind of all right but there will be a blog post if you look to your right you will see my latest video and a video just for you I am Darius this is sugarless crystal Josh a free destination of you two and I'm not a chef ah I'm an entertainer by

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