Low Carb Aldi Grocery Haul | Vlogmas Day 1 2017

Hello and welcome to vlogmas day 1- I am going to be filming and sharing a video every single day of December, so thank you for joining and looking forward to sharing this journey with you make sure that you leave a like and subscribe below so that you can enjoy and just see what's to come in the next month, I'm in Melbourne in Australia at the moment in the next couple of weeks I'm going to Sydney, Singapore and England so there's going to be loads and loads of travel through the month and most of the videos will be food-related mostly low carb keto, but I have all sorts of things in my diet I have some low carb keto, some I'm intuitive, intermittent fasting type days and there'll be loads of travel as well and maybe a couple of Christmasy things thrown in, so subscribe to just see what goes on this month and also I'll leave a link down below for you to subscribe to my email newsletter, I send out one email a week with a recap of the previous week and some other exclusive subscriber only content so click down below and you can subscribe to become an email newsletter subscriber So, day 1, I have got for you an Aldi grocery haul, last year I did vlogmas as well and day one was an ALDI grocery haul so I thought, why not continue the trend I went to ALDI today, got all kinds of fun low-carb keto goodie which I will share with you now, I'm gonna start with the veggies now this is actually quite a small haul but it's all useful low-carb goodies to find at Aldi and yes sliced mushrooms I may have some steak with some mushrooms later and that's gonna come in handy, I've got some spinach a little bag of baby spinach which I like to have with fried eggs or maybe I'll make a salad and cucumber so that's kind of it for the veggies for this haul, I'm doing small grocery shops every few days because we're moving in a couple of weeks and I really want to go through everything and not buy as much and I've got loads still to kind of go through and we've got four little items of dairy here, the brie, Aldi brie and feta is pretty much as good as it gets it is so good, this Feta is amazing for Aldi food and for an Aldi find this is just awesome I love it and I get it every time I'm at Aldi and same with the Brie that's triple cream, it's creamy and it's just beautiful lovely yummy dairy as well as yep, sometimes I'm a bit lazy, go for these canned whipped cream, I know it's sweetened but I don't have too much of it, even though it's the middle of summer here or spring that it feels like summer, I've been having loads of hot chocolates that I topped with whipped cream and I've also got double cream that I use for making my mushroom sauce love a bit of cream yum so good and I got this pate my husband absolutely loves it he might have some cucumber and dip with his duck and orange pate, it's a little bit of fancy but for Aldi again their fancier brands are really really good quality and good well priced compared to you know full price fancy brands, and eggs, I go through so many eggs, every time I go grocery shopping I get more, and so we've got a big beautiful 12 extra-large eggs I have for breakfast most mornings, I'm moving through this quickly on time and we've got some mince, I'll either make burgers or I'm still deciding what to do with it but beef mince 3 star look at that beautiful fat in it good low carb high fat high protein good source of great proteins mince and sometimes I go for the grass-fed or the organic but I find that when you get 3 star it's good and that is beautiful and 2 more items to go in this quick little grocery haul I've got two porterhouse steak I know it's a bit pricey $10 for two steaks but I haven't had steak in a while and I just want to have my one last steak before we leave Australia and I thought I must get my favourites to have with my mushroom sauce and we've got smoked salmon and smoked salmon again it works out to be 39

95 I think a kilo which is so good it's 200 grams which is pretty much the best price you can get supermarkets give you 50 60 70 dollars a kilo so that's a good budget find at Aldi and last but not least chocolate I've got the 85% dark chocolate, comes in these little individual and portion-controlled sizes which is just awesome so there you go that's my, have a little pan back, that's my little Aldi grocery haul of my low carb finds, these are my low carb essentials at Aldi and I'm going to miss these when we leave Australia but I've got loads to find when we get to Ireland and find all kinds of yummy local goodies then but thank you so much for watching this and joining me on day one of vlogmas for 2017 make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and leave me a comment what is your go-to when you are at Aldi I look forward to reading your comments and we'll see you again tomorrow for more vlogmas fun!

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