LCHF – Low Carb High Fat – Low Carb Foods – Weight Loss Journey

Hey guys, it's Katie! I wanted to jump on today and show you some of my favorite go-to foods for this keto/LCHF low carb high fat way of eating I have going on Alright so this is a go-to snack or actually it's lunchtime so lunch, snack whatever

I use this Natural Choice Hormel Rotisserie Seasoned Deli Chicken Breast and we can see on here zero carbs So with the way of eating I'm doing right now, I'm really focusing mainly on carbs I do have macros with calories but for the most part right now I'm zeroing in on very low carb And then I do this soy- free Vegenaise I don't do eggs, I'm trying to stay away from dairy, so this

again, the carbs on here is zero So I just use enough, just a little bit on each and then I like to use these chives and I forgot my relish I use this sugar-free relish which again has zero carbs calories whatever

If you guys have ever made ham roll-ups for an appetizer it's kind of the same idea here I'm just using the chicken instead of ham but you certainly could use ham to do this, too We just kind of roll it up and YUM I usually do maybe I don't know depending how hungry I am, four or six slices of the chicken or ham or turkey you could use turkey whatever you wantew, I just spit Anyway, super good I actually might also have someI don't know, am I gonna have tuna fish, too? I might because I am finding which I mean I knew before–sorry, my–which I mean anytime you do low-carb it's like when you eat a meal and it's mostly protein and fat you have to eat more protein to fill up or at least that's what I'm feeling right now So well let's go ahead and make some tuna fish too cuz that's one of my go-to s for lunch Alright so tuna fishthis is the kind that I'm using chunk light tuna carbs are zero so I put that in my bowl I got my scale so I'm gonna measure out how much of this Mayo I'm putting in So it says one tablespoon is 14 grams so I do one to two, I don't know, 14 and 14 is 28 so we'll just do know that's good 26 a little bit left on the spoon It's probably 28

It just gives me a better measurement Alright and then I got again my sugar-free relish I've always had my tuna fish this way since being a little kid I always remember my mom making it this way I've tried tuna fish so many other ways and it's just not the same so that's it and of course being low-carb I just kind of eat it like this I know some people you want crackers or you want something with it maybe you could have celery with it that would be a good option or vegetable of some kind with it I just eat it like this oh I like it that's it for today I'll be sharing recipes with you guys here and there as I learn and I hope you guys comment below and let me know if you got some tips or tricks on this keto lchf way of eating Alright, we'll see you guys next time bye!

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