do you love hard tacos but you're following keto or low-carb diet well I have a solution for you today we're gonna make hard keto tacos out of cheese I am using 9-inch pan and for that size I'm gonna use about 1/3 cup of shredded cheddar cheese you're gonna take your pan and cheese put it in and spread it all over the pan very evenly just like that and now you're gonna put it on medium heat and start cooking we're gonna cook the cheese until the edges are all crispy and little brown in color how do you get the cheese to hold in this taco shell shape that's the question I get asked a lot and I will show you what kind of setup I'm using to achieve that while I'm taking 2 glasses and a bread knife cut the glasses close to each other and to deny right between them what you're gonna want to do when the cheese is ready we're gonna fold it over tonight and let it cool down that's how we get the shape I think another 30 seconds and the cheese will be all ready you obviously don't have to use the bread knife you can use any spatula you had also the cake spatula would be great for that but this is what I have so that's what I'm using you want to keep a close eye on the cheese as it burns very quickly and easily so just put it on a medium low heat and keep watching it carefully this is the color you want the cheese is done be careful it's very hot place it over and we let we're gonna let it cool down for about one minute and here it is guys perfectly crunchy hard cheese kedo taco for ready for your fillings and taco night let me know if it was easy to follow the instructions and if you did like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I'm also making Kido vlogs full of Kido recipes inspiration and ideas so you're welcome to check it out if you're interested and I'm gonna see you in the next video bye

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