Keto Snacks | 4 Easy Keto Snacks Under 100 Calories | Low Calorie Snacks- Thomas DeLauer

Keto Snacks | 4 Easy Keto Snacks Under 100 Calories | Low Calorie Snacks- Thomas DeLauer

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Keto Snacks | 4 Easy Keto Snacks Under 100 Calories | Quick Low Calorie Snacks- Thomas DeLauer…
Tuna Packets (Serving size ~70 cals, 160mg potassium, 300mg sodium, .5g of fat, 17g of protein)
Albacore tuna (labeled “solid white”), is the biggest of the tuna family and hence the worst offender in regards to mercury levels. Tuna seems small in a can, but is actually quite large in reality, which albacore being the biggest type of tuning – lives longer and contains more mercury. Skipjack and Tongol (labeled “chunk light”) are the smallest – this smaller size makes such a difference in mercury levels with 3x less mercury than albacore. Tuna is sealed in a can or pouch and heated to kill any bacteria that would otherwise contaminate the product – canned tuna requires a higher temperature for proper processing than tuna in a pouch. Tuna pouches are made from the same foil and polymer film as military “meals ready to eat,” and heat penetrates this thin material more quickly.

Selenium is a nutrient that’s a key component of a healthy thyroid gland and it reduces inflammation by inhibiting NF-kB and its activation of interleukin-6 and TNF-alpha production. Selenium is also able to enhance proliferation of cytotoxic precursor cells, which give rise to the T immune cells that fight cancer and viruses within the body. Selenium is also essential to the proper functioning of glutathione peroxidase – glutathione is 100% dependent on having a selenium atom at its core for proper function. Selenium is what gives the enzyme its potency in preventing and cleaning up after destructive oxygen free radicals – as such, decreased selenium in the blood leads to decreased glutathione peroxidase activity

Vitamin B12 helps to make red blood cells – the production of red blood cells goes down if a person’s vitamin B12 levels are too low. B12 helps to build and maintain myelin sheaths, keeping conversations between cells going and the nervous system running strong.

Fage Greek Yogurt (1 6oz = 90 calories):
When healthy bacteria (S. thermophilus and L. bulgaricus) are added to milk and allowed to ferment, the fermentation process leads to changes in the bioavailability of nutrients found in the final product. As the pH decreases, both phosphorus and calcium are converted into their soluble forms, the proteins become calcium free and more easily digested by proteolytic enzymes, making them more bioavailable. Greek yogurt has roughly twice the protein concentration when compared to regular yogurt. This additional straining leads to a thicker and more concentrated yogurt, with a higher protein concentration – also leads to Greek yogurt having a slightly lower carb count in comparison.

Ranch dressing is a type of salad dressing made of some combination of buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, mustard, herbs (commonly chives, parsley, and dill), and spices (commonly black pepper, paprika, and ground mustard seed), mixed into a sauce based on mayonnaise, or another oil emulsion. Sour cream and yogurt are sometimes used in addition to or as a substitute for buttermilk and mayonnaise.

Chomps (1 Turkey stick = 70 cals, 2g fat, 10g protein):
Turkey jerky that is 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished that is also 100% Non-GMO – the animals are never sent to feedlots and never given antibiotics or hormones.

Sea Salt:
Unique in that their sodium content is comprised of sea salt. Table salt is typically 97.5 percent to 99.9 percent sodium chloride, whereas salt like Himalayan sea salt is only about 87 percent sodium chloride. Most table salts contain iodine and sodium ferrocyanide (yellow prussiate of soda), both of which are toxic for the body.

Celery Juice:

Asparagus (Prebiotic Benefit) [1 cup (134g = 27 cals, 5g carbs):

Inulin & Satiety:
A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked to see if prebiotic fiber, such as inulin, helps overweight adults with satiety (feeling full and satisfied) In the 16-week study, 38 children, aged 7-12 years, were randomly assigned either 8 grams of inulin or 8 grams of calorie-matching maltodextrin (placebo) to consume once daily 15-30 minutes before dinner. There were no other required dietary changes or lifestyle changes. Researchers found that prebiotic consumption of inulin resulted in greater feelings of fullness, which corresponded with a significant decrease in food consumption as well.

Inulin & Ghrelin:
The fermentation by the microbiota in the gut of prebiotic fiber, such as inulin, results in the production of short-chain fatty acids, such as propionate and butyrate.

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