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Alright so let’s dig into the box that I got from KetoKrate Good friends over there sent this to me and I’m going to give you a product review of the box that I got

Let’s take a look inside here So they do have a little contest that if you snap a photo of this box when you purchase it and you share it on social media you have a chance to win another month free This is a monthly subscription service and they ship to you directly and every month will have a different product in it and this month this is what I got Comes with a review sheet, so this sheet here has everything that is in the box it goes into details about the cost of them and if there is an offer, these have offers right in them now and the great thing is that if you see here, it actually tells you the net carbs for everything so its fantastic when you’re tying to manage how many carbs you’re eating so it’s nothing you have to calculate

You already have the number you know what you have to hit and also the value, like you know people always wonder am I spending the right amount of money, am I getting the value of this box or this service and every sheet every month they have this at the corner, tells you the retail value versus the total value versus what you paid so always great value this product Okay let’s take a look at what’s inside here So the first one is a drink, it has zero sugar in it, I have had this before, it tastes pretty good You can see the ingredients here, total of three grams of carbs so it’s not too bad for the whole drink for the one can and obviously calories are very low in this but good drink

cocoa roast almonds, I’ve had these before, these are really good, its good quality product, again this one here is 4 grams of total carbs but dietary fibers too so technically its around two grams of net carbs so you’re safe Great snack, it tastes really good Let’s see what else we’ve got in here, everyone’s favorite, and beef jerky So this one here I haven’t had it but I heard its really good, pretty flavor Thing with a lot of beef jerky nowadays is that there is a lot of hidden fillers in it

The brands that used to be carb free are no longer carb free they are putting sugars and other chemicals in there to make their shelf life longer and getting a quality product like this one ketokrate is really good, it will have a shorter life probably but again you are getting a quality product Here one gram of carb, this thing here has three and a half servings in it, there is a lot in here so that one is pretty safe gorrily goods, gluten free, this is pumpkin seed and kale mixed snack, this is actually pretty heavy for such a small little pack but again if we look at it, it’s pretty safe, good product and quality again, I’ve eaten pumpkin seeds separately but you can see this is all organic so it’s a really great product and great snack Now I only need half a pack for a serving just to make sure that you don’t bloat your carbs and don’t eat too many carbs at one serving so we have Coco Polo, it’s pretty much like a chocolate bar with roasted almonds in it but it is a far trade product, gluten free, has no sucrolose taste apparently it’s what it says, I haven’t tried this myself

I would only eat this here, this is two servings, serving after we’ve done the subtraction of the total carbs there, it’s actually on five net carbs per serving, this is two servings in here, and this is a big bar as you can tell So we just got to make sure you’re not eating this whole bar in a serving and you’ll be fine I’ve had this before this is good So if you’re looking for that crunchy snack, these parmesan cheese crisps are great the thing is that if you do eat these a lot you’ll probably get sick and tired of them, I have, maybe some people don’t but it is a good snack, you can crush them and put them on top of your salad, you can eat them whole if you wish like chips but its great and crunchy and its made of parmesan and again this is totally less than one gram of carb, no sugar, great product

Great for those who need a crunchy snack Let’s take a look at this product, Good Dees low carbs cookie mix, there’s a lot in here actually, 255 grams Good Dees, she did her own keto carb journey and she is making her own low carb sugar free cookies, people loved them and now she started marketing them It’s a good quality product, now this whole bag here can make twelve to twenty four cookies depending on the size you make it even at twelve cookies, you’ll be eating at one a day I would say and eat serving is quite low so very safe and lets just see down here, it tells you the full breakdown which is great by these products because it tells you everything you need to know and you’re going down to two nets carbs for a cookie so it’s fantastic, I can’t wait to try that actually

the last product we have in here are these pepperoni beef sticks, there is a nutritional label here on the front , 80 calories, 6 gram protein and zero sugar, again this is another product that before back in the day it used to be sugar free, a lot of products used to be sugar free now again they are putting a lot of fillers in here and its jacking up the carb rating on them so always please read the label and make sure they are all pepperoni meat sticks that you’re buying for snacks still comply and this meets your keto requirements there is nothing else in here, so that’s it, great box, a lot of great stuff in here so that’s my review of this ketokrate product which I received January 16, thanks ketokrate guys, I’m in Canada so I appreciate getting this shipped up to me My review, is the box worth it? Yes it is I know the price might seem high to some but order one for yourself, its worth it, just get one box at least and you’ll see all this great products , it will really help your keto journey I’m a firm believer of making things easier

Your keto journey should not be a struggle, you should be enjoying it and that was a reason from making it convenient and easy to follow and adding this into that will just make it that much better These products here will last easily a month so I don’t think you’ll be running it and if you’re using them properly and not abusing the great yummy food that’s in here but again great product and I do give it a thumbs up, thank you guys and if you’re looking for a keto diet plan or keto coaching please hit me up on myketocoach dot com and I’ll talk to you soon

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