Keto, Heart Health & Diabetes–New Science w/ Sarah Hallberg, MD

Keto, Heart Health & Diabetes–New Science w/ Sarah Hallberg, MD

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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After years of prescribing insulin to diabetic patients, Dr. Hallberg realized there has to be a better way.

She transformed her practice and medical advice to incorporate lifestyle-based medicine and is now working with the VirtaHealth team—putting the low-carb ketogenic diet to the test and publishing outcome data. (LINKS ARE BELOW.)

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➢ Nutritional ketosi & Cardiovascular Disease Risk Study

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

03:50 When Dr. Hallberg opened a low carbohydrate clinic, they quickly saw weight loss and reversal of diabetes.
05:51 Dr. Hallberg is part of the largest and longest trial of nutritional ketosis as a treatment to reverse type 2 diabetes.
07:40 Exercise, low carb and keto are now considered as treatment options for obesity.
08:42 Medications for diabetes treated symptoms, but not the progression of the disease.. Each step up in medication speeds the cycle.
13:29 Continuous glucose monitors allow you and your doctor to see what blood sugars are doing between finger sticks..
16:28 Remote Care/Telemedicine
19:35 Virtahealth is available in all 50 states.
20:35 Most Americans have some sort of metabolic issue. Over 50% of adults in the US have diabetes or pre-diabetes.
24:12 With nutritional ketosis, you can reverse diabetes AND improve cardiovascular risk factors, such as significant decreases in blood pressure, significant increases in good cholesterol/HDL, and a significant decrease in triglycerides.
26:41 A better cardiovascular risk marker than LDL is LDL-P for type 2 diabetics or those with insulin resistance.
27:18 Inflammation markers, especially C-reactive protein (CRP), decreased by 40% over the study year.
33:38 It is best to consume 3 to 5 grams of sodium a day
35:48 Biomarkers most commonly used at Virtahealth
36:10 Serum ketone goals are above 0.5 mml of beta hydroxybutyrate. There may be a role in ketosis even at lower levels.
36:34 Diabetes medications lower blood sugar acutely, but cardiovascular outcomes were not improved. With SGLT-2 inhibitors, there was improvement with cardiovascular mortality.
38:44 SGLT-2 inhibitors and glucose
39:55 Metformin affects gut hormones and the microbiome
41:09 The American Diabetes Association guidelines are not evidence based.
42:00 DASH diet, recommended by the American Diabetes Association can make diabetes worse.
47:58 We need to change the dietary guidelines
50:51 For proper meta-analysis, you need to pay attention of the inclusion criteria.
55:56 Dr. Hallberg’s optimal morning routine includes black coffee and an early email check. She feeds her kids fat and protein and packs their lunches.
59:55 Dr. Hallberg’s favorite low carb/high fat food is pizza with cheese/almond flour crust.
60:45 Dr. Hallberg’s elevator pitch is that our dietary guidelines need to be reformed, as they impact all of us.

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