Keto Chicken Nuggets | Low Carb | Keto Diet | Baked versus Fried Chicken Nuggets

Hey everyone my name is Ashley and today we are gonna be making keto chicken nuggets We're gonna go ahead and fry them and also make them and then go ahead and compare to see which one's the best

Let's get started If you plan on frying your chicken nuggets you can go ahead and use a fryer if you have one available or you can go ahead and use a deep pan Make sure that it is a deep pan so that we don't cause any fires The amount of oil that you use into your fryer just depends on what type of machine you are using so go ahead and read instructions For my machine I did use about two cups of oil

If you plan on baking you're gonna go ahead and pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees In order for the chicken to be completely breaded we are gonna go ahead and prepare an egg wash The egg wash consists of one tablespoon of heavy whipping cream and one large egg For the breading we are gonna be using 1 cup of almond flour If you don't have almond flour you can definitely use coconut flour or you can also use pork rinds I am gonna be adding seasoning to my almond flour the type of seasoning that you add depends on what you want to put the seasonings that I am gonna be using a salt and pepper garlic powder and onion powder paprika and oregano and now we're gonna go ahead and mix our almond flour with our seasoning for today's chicken nuggets I am using an 8 ounce chicken breast I went ahead and cut my chicken nuggets into small squares but you can go ahead and make chicken strips or a larger chicken nuggets however you like it's fine I'm going to go ahead and add some seasoning to my chicken I'm gonna be using salt and pepper I'm gonna go ahead and start preparing my chicken go ahead and add my chicken into the egg wash as soon as I'm done with the egg wash I'm gonna go ahead and put it into the almond flour once the chicken is in the almond flour I'm going to go ahead and close the Tupperware I'm going to shake the Tupperware so that all the breading gets on to the chicken and that's how your chicken nugget is going to look like after you're done with this you can go ahead and throw your chicken I get into the fryer or you can go ahead and place it on a baking sheet for the baking for baking we're gonna go ahead and use our baking sheet and make a layer of olive oil for the other half of the chicken nuggets I'm going to go ahead and throw them into the fryer for about six to eight minutes so I finished baking and frying my chicken nuggets and this is the results on the left side we have the baked chicken nuggets on the right side we have our fried chicken nuggets so we're gonna go ahead and try our baked chicken nugget so the baked chicken nugget tastes like the breading it tastes like the almond flour so that's kind of a a bad thing about this chicken nugget but it tastes okay so what I would recommend doing is throwing it back in the fryer and I have already prepared that and so that's how it looks like it looks like the breading has been fried way better so next is our fried chicken nugget we didn't bake this chicken nugget we just threw it in the fryer so let's go ahead and see how it tastes so with the fried chicken I get it tastes a little bit drying I might have left it for a little bit too long I left it for eight minutes but I do like the breading it's really really crispy and that's what I like about a chicken is overall I think that I would probably bake my chicken egg at first only to retain all that juiciness of the of the chicken and then I would go ahead and throw it in the fryer for about three minutes if you don't have a fryer you can definitely use a deep pan so that's it guys if you have any questions comments on how to make this recipe better go ahead and leave that in the comments section below don't forget to like comment and subscribe to see more bye guys

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