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Today I'm going to show you how to make a really easy keto chia pudding using chia seeds – they're beautiful low carb high fiber ingredient that it's just a wonderful wonderful ingredient to use on the keto diet to keep your fiber up and it's just a little nutritious powerhouse so I've got my chia seeds there you use white, black this one's a mix of both I've got yoghurt go for the lowest carb yogurt you can and I find that I like to add a bit of thickened cream, so let's get on and make our chia pudding, so I've got a little glass you can use a glass, a jar anything you like and I'm gonna pop two tablespoons of chia seeds into the glass try make too much, trying not to make too much mess, that looks like a bit of splattering there and so we've got two tablespoons of chia and we're gonna do half a cup of our liquid and you can use almond milk if you like, coconut milk any kind of liquid that you like and you can use the cream that I'm using we've got the yoghurt I'm gonna put mostly yogurt in there and then just top it up with a nice little drizzling of cream as well to make up our whole half a cup with just a little bit of cream going in yeah, and now we'll pour in and mix it together always makes such a mess with these little tasks, okay wipe it down with my Star Wars paper towel, okay so we just give this a really good mix through you could stick it into a jar and give it a shake if you want but I'm quite happy doing it in here now it's up to you if you want to enjoy this straight away which you can or I'm gonna pop this into the fridge and I'll show you what it looks like in a few hours once it's thickened up, but you can have a look at that for now, the texture it's just beautiful chia pudding but it gets super thick, I'll show you, now there's so many different add-ins and so many different things that you can do with that to make it your own just depending on your tastes and what you've got available but I'm gonna pop this in the fridge and have a chat a little bit once it's thickened the chia puddings been in the fridge for a little while and it's thickened nicely have a look at that you can see it's a thick pudding yummy you can leave it just like this, I'm gonna top it with a few yummy bits I'm gonna pop a little layer of strawberries on top I've got some sliced strawberries, berries just go beautifully with chia pudding you could also mix in some cacao through, grate a bit of chocolate on top, really whatever you like you could put some chia seeds on top as well that aren't mixed through you can put some desiccated coconut I've got a nice generous layer of strawberries on top here loads and loads as you can see so that is the video for today, thank you so much for watching my recipe for this easy keto chia pudding and make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and leave me a comment let me know what's your go-to favorite chia seed pudding recipe I look forward to reading your comments and we'll see you again soon bye!

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