Keto Beverages: Drink this NOT that on Keto- Thomas DeLauer

Keto Beverages: Drink this NOT that on Keto- Thomas DeLauer

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Keto Beverages: Drink this NOT that on Keto- Thomas DeLauer… Drink this, not that, the keto edition. What I’ve done is I’ve taken the top most common drinks that people talk about when they’re on the ketogenic diet and I’ve broken them down as to whether they’re good or bad and if they’re bad, I’m giving you a solution, I’m giving you an alternative. The whole purpose of this video is not to say that what you’re drinking is totally bad, it’s to give you a better solution, and it’s not to ruin your life or to make you miserable, it’s literally to help you get better results, that’s all there is to it.

All right, so the first thing I want to talk about it is pea protein versus whey protein. A lot of people consume whey protein when they’re on the ketogenic diet because it doesn’t have a lot of carbohydrates and in fact sometimes there’s only one or zero grams of carbohydrates which would lead people to believe that it’s a perfect thing to consume when you’re on keto. Okay, I’m not anti whey protein, so let me get that out there first and foremost. If you consume a little bit of whey protein while you’re on a keto diet, I’m not saying it’s going to totally kick you out of keto, I’m not saying it’s going to ruin everything, I’m just saying that you might want to consider using pea protein instead and here’s why. Whey protein elicits an insulin spike. The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism actually published a study that found that a little bit of whey protein elicited a higher insulin spike than white bread, like literally. White bread is as high glycemic as you can get. What happens is the whey protein absorbs so fast and it has so much leucine in it that it actually spikes your insulin which could very well kick you out of keto for a short amount of time.

Next up, and I think a lot of you are going to like this, you guys know by now that I am a huge caffeine fan, okay? I love my coffee but I have to say if it was between cold brew and regular, I would always go with cold brew. A lot of people drink their coffee, their regular coffee. The problem is that when you actually brew coffee and when you go through that process, it leeches a lot of the toxins out. Even if it’s organic, you’re still getting a lot of the pesticides. The first time those coffee beans are actually rinsed after they’ve gone through a roasting process and the whole harvesting process is literally when they’re brewing in your hot water. So you’re getting all of that and you’re getting the acid, which is really, really just tough on the body, but the benefit to cold brew, instead of focusing on the negatives of the coffee here, the benefit to the cold brew is that the acid doesn’t leech in. So it makes it a lot smoother, that’s why it’s way, way smoother, that’s why it has a more powerful earthy taste because you’re actually tasting the coffee versus the acid, but it has a higher caffeine content, and it’s a more bioactive caffeine. It’s not like just caffeine anhydrous like taking a caffeine supplement. It’s good quality caffeine along with polyphenols that you’re getting with the coffee.

So cold brew whenever possible. That is like my pre-workout, straight up, flat cold brew with nothing else added to it. Go for that whenever possible. Again, regular is not bad, and I know when it starts getting colder out it’s not always fun to have cold brew but it will make a difference and then take it one step further and go with nitro. Nitro cold brew, if you have that as an option, that’s even smoother but also there is some evidence that’s showing that the nitrogen infusion could actually make the caffeine a little bit more available as well.

I hope that this breaks things down and answers some confusion that may have been out there. If you have different drinks that you have questions about, just put them in the comments section. You guys know that I do my weekly roundup videos where I answer comments, so perhaps I’ll answer some of those questions in that follow-up video so just make sure you put them down in the comments section below and make sure you check out Ujido Matcha and get it at my special discount. Honestly, it’s very affordable so I think you’ll like what you see down in the description. As always, keep it locked in here on my channel, I’ll see you in the next one.

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