Hello Friends, how are you? Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today we will make super easy Keto breakfast smoothie Keto Avocado smoothie It is very healthy as well as tasty Also, becomes more nutritious by adding Chia seeds SUBSCRIBE press bell icon to get new recipes coming your way Firstly remove avocado pulp I have taken ripe avocado which is easily available in super-markets cut into two parts gently remove the pulp with the help of spoon Avocado is star ingredient in Keto Diet We can make many interesting keto recipes with Avocado Take out the pulp in mixer jar and add remaining ingredients Add one cup Almond milk(unsweetened) to provide liquid base to smoothie which is keto friendly milk 1 table spoon protein powder I have taken 0 carb protein of cookies & cream flavor It is sweet already hence I am not adding other sweeteners 1/2 tbsp Cream cheese for creamy texture 1 tsp Chia seeds Add some ice cubes Blend Very delicious & creamy Keto Avocado Smoothie is ready A perfect low carb satisfying smoothie I made this with basic low carb ingredients a perfect breakfast option Also this can be taken for lunch or dinner as well Contains good and healthy fats excellent for low carb & keto recipes for more such easy & healthy recipes SUBSCRIBE to our channel Please share your reviews in the comment section Thanks for watching 🙂

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