Keto and alcohol | Drinking on keto diet |The best alcohol to drink on keto | alcohol and ketosis |

Keto and alcohol | Drinking on keto diet |The best alcohol to drink on keto | alcohol and ketosis |

Keto and alcohol |Drinking on keto diet |The best alcohol to drink on keto | Alcohol and Ketosis

Time stamps:
1:36 – 4 important tips about keto and alcohol
6:02 – Liquor and alcohol
12:12 – Mixers and Keto
16:55 – Wine and Keto
26:06 – Beer and Keto
30:45 – Final thoughts
33:03 – Your Questions Answered

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Drinking on keto diet – is this even allowed? Keto and alcohol can be a tricky subject but I give you all the info you need to know the best alcohol to drinkn on keto, all about alcohol and ketosis and much more!

Can I drink alcohol on keto / in ketosis is a common question. But the answer isn’t a simply yes or no answer. Drinking on keto or drinking in ketosis comes in many forms and the answer to your questions will vary based on your goals. Keto and alcohol can in fact mix. Drinking on a keto diet doesn’t have to be elimated completely once you go keto, but you need to know the best alcohol to drink on keto and abide by that list every time. Alcohol and ketosis can gel together – if you’re choosing low carb alcohol options, the answer to “does alcohol stop ketosis” will generally be no. Beer and keto, wine and keto, liquor and keto – all these types of drinks and your choices made therein make a huge difference in alcohol and ketosis. What alcohol to drink on keto diet is immensely important and this knowledge is crucial. This video will explain fully the best alcohol to drink on keto and provide you with options to choose from.

So first off, drinking on keto diet may not work for you if you’re looking for rapid weight loss or poushing hard to lose those last few kgs or pounds. This is because drinking alcohol stops fat burning. This means you won’t be losing weight while drinking. You also need to remember when asking “can I drinkn alcohol in ketosis” is that alcohol has calories in it (it is caloric). So even if you’re drinking the best alcohol to drink on keto, those calories still count and if you’re over your daily caloric intake, you will gain weight. So calories count with keto and drinking.

Keto and drinking can also lead to poor decision making, which makes it harder to constantly make the right choice on not only drinking the right low carb alcoholic drinks keto, but may also lead to decision regarding eating food that isn’t keto-friendly. Drunk munchies sound familiar?

Should you drink alcohol keto? Probably not. Can I drinkn alcohol while on keto? Yes you can. Does alcohol stop ketosis? Generally, no, provided you know what alcohol to drinkn on keto diet, what low carb alcohol is out there (and the carbs and calories in each) and alwasys choose the best alcohol to drink on keto. So what are the best alcohol to drinkn on keto?

Beer and keto – not such great news. Craft beers are very high in carbs and should be avoided. You do however get some low carb beers which won’t destroy your keto journey. But you still can’t have too many. So beer and keto is not the best idea, but an occasional beer might be possible for you on keto.

Wine and keto – lots of great options here. Again, not perfect in that most decent wine and keto drinks will have between 3 – 4 grams of sugar per 5oz serving (a small serving), so you still have to be careful. Cabernet, pinot noir, merlot, syrah, zinfandel are all types of red. Whites can be sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, pinot gris, chardonnay etc. But sparkling wine and keto is a good idea as the sugar is even lower. But choose the right sparkling wine which I describe in my video.

Liquor and keto – go for 80 proof or 40% abv liquor that is unsweetened. Thes have 0g carbs. Examples of liquor and keto drinks are vodka, rum, brandy, gin, whisky, scotch, tequila, etc.

So – “Can I drinkn alcohol while on keto”: yes you. As long as you know the best alchol to drink on keto, make the right choices and don’t over indulge. Should you drinkn alchol on keto? Well, that’s up to you to decide based on your goals with your low carb or keto lifestyle.

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