Hey guys so this video is a little bit different I Kind of map out my videos for the month of topics that I actually know that I wanted to talk about But life obviously Comes it has to come into that In order to make kind of like a truthful channel and the reason why I look so evidently bad today is Because I went out last night now last night was supposed to be my first sober Now out in years, and it didn't quite happen like that excuse by orange, pop It's not going to sugar It's no added sugar

It just makes me feel bitter we found out that vodka had no carbs in and That was enough of an excuse to have vodka sodas all night, so I completely cheated It was I had the willpower of an egg I'm laughing because if I don't laugh I'll cry so so I know it's quite bad, but When all my friends at 12 o'clock went for Me at 12 o'clock slate for us we're getting on I'm 28 when all my mates went to McDonald's I went home and I had a half I had look up I had a few pieces of bacon Rasha That's gin eyes I think yeah, I'd like one of those little cocktail sausages I think I had a few of those and then attracted like damn water Which didn't really help because I'm hungover to hell right now Well I also think that Me doing things like that and you see in either Not affecting the weight loss or completely affecting the weight loss when I'm weigh in on Sunday I think oh that's good, but because I didn't cheat with food and they only cheated with alcohol with the vodka All it will mean is that my body will burn the alcohol before it starts burning my fat again I should be okay for my Sunday way if it makes you feel any better of me cocking up My diet plan I also argued with my ex-boyfriend

We're sure she's never good and I invited my ex out so I Don't even know what I was expecting from that I was already drunk when I did it But anyway so that I didn't really have a good night, so was it worth it No, but we stayed sober I do not encourage drinking on Exacty shakes don't do it I'm just an idiot Well I'm Eddie I'm a truthful idiot if I would have come on and done a video about Something I'm gonna talk about next week Then like it would just don't be truthful I could act not hungover and I could say that yeah I went on a sober night out But I didn't so it will be a lie so On this channel at least you're gonna see my life as it is but yet

I've come I Cheated with the vodka I am ashamed of myself But we'll see how it affects my Sunday weight loss, so We shall see And what I thought it would actually do as well if you cheat on your diet either with food or going out for a night Out it's not the end of the world like I'm on this from for the long haul You know I mean all it means is I get back on it today, and I carry on from where I left off that's all it means so if You can see someone screw up and still be losing the weight and get back on it, then and getting back on it then I'm quite glad for you to watch that so thank you for watching I hope you've enjoyed my honesty because I coulda lied ear like that Could've, but I'm not going to do that on this channel I'm sorry you had to witness This today, please subscribe to my channel if you like If you like me or the mess that is my life like this video dislike this video if you dislike this video I couldn't possibly understand my bye, bye

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