How to Make Zucchini Boats | Low Carb Appetizer

Hey friend, KJ Simpson here welcome to the all-inclusive lifestyle show I have a special guest here her name is dr Mandy It's Mandy in the kitchen and we are going to be doing something with this little green thing this little green thing by the way obviously zucchini we call this a Zucchini not a zucchini because it's just one but we're gonna actually be dealing with lots of these because we're making soup boats Zucchini boats I believe today is that right so zucchini boats

I would assume it's a good appetizer Is that where you would serve these zucchini boats yes zucchini books are great for holiday parties or? appetizers, so yes, so very quick and simple to make and they only take about 18 minutes to prepare and They're very tasty Thinly slicing the zucchini I think you get about three slices off of one zucchini and This is essentially going to be the boat, and we're gonna fill this boat up with some tasty Ingredients I believe What are we actually gonna be putting into these boats? With sauce Followed by some cheese, and then some turkey pepperoni and some olives now You can also top these with whatever You'd like if you know you want peppers on them Or if you want, or pesto sauce or anything like that you can but today we're gonna make it more of a vegetarian type Otha zucchini boat so once we chop the zucchini in slices like this then we're going to put them on to a baking sheet First you want to spray the baking sheet with Pam or another cooking spray, and then you're going to lay the tray with zucchini boats taught them as you wish so some quick facts about Zucchinis here the darker the skin the better so you want a really really dark green You know just like with a lot of vegetables the more color that they have to them That's expressing that they have a lot more nutrition in them And we have to let you know that this is one of the amazing recipes that we have in our own All-inclusive a recipe book and you can actually get that there will be a link in this post Feel free to as our gift to you Download our all-inclusive Chris and Mandy in the kitchen recipe book and you can get the zucchini boat recipe amongst some other tasty starters finishers Inbetweeners, it's got everything in this book So we're ready to go in the oven here What temperature how long so 15 to 18 minutes is recommended 400 degrees Fahrenheit alright? Let's warm these babies up and the moment you've been waiting for Yummy in my tummy Zook bolts these are just Incredibly tasty a great way to get vegetables in if you're struggling to get you know your eight to twelve servings according to recommendations That's a lot of vegetables so this makes it easier and taste your Doctor Mandy in the kitchen Thank you for watching Please get our gift to you This is what we prayed in the kitchen

It's a recipe book It's called the all-inclusive recipe book and it's our gift to you It's complimentary just go in put your email address in opt-in to that page and you can get your very own All-inclusive recipe book and start cooking zucchini boats amongst a ton of other recipes that are our favored back at home So go ahead and do that right now until the next video my friend you just keep on inspiring to aspire

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