It's been on YouTube for a long time and I say that because I know I've released videos But all these pictures came from my trip to Cape Town, and I have so many videos Stored this I just did not record because I have a lot of videos to post, so why record? long explanation, but I have a very | Sensible | Scary me makes me vulnerable subject to Explain yourself guys today as you know the title guys But before diving into this story, I decided it was time to make protein pancakes Just to give me a little hint for this lecture We will always ask you for a protein pancake recipe, it will be a little different from my usual I usually use a banana in protein pancakes just because it counteracts the protein can make the pancake type dry and adding bananas just counteracts that makes them fly like really wet do not use the banana tie but because I cut and I do not know which carbs to lose, so I make a different recipe Also very good to read the other day, and it was amazing, so here are the guys my recipe I will guide you through Hey guys, so first I'll guide you through the ingredients in my protein pancake recipe, we'll first make the dry ingredients The first thing we will put in our mixing bowl, which I have here is Pancake mix any pancake mix will do and also if you do not have pancake mix, and you have oats fast oats You can also mix that I recommend using a coffee grinder In a fine powder or you can use oatmeal or any kind of flour but since I have the pancake mix I have jail it's a lot better um In my opinion, this is not an alternative You do not have pink nails, but any pancake will make sure you check the carbs on the back because it can be You know that some pancake mixes are healthier than others

I love Trader Joe's buttermilk pancakes just a mix of all-purpose pancakes so I'm going to put a half cup in my measuring bowl here I measure In my bowl It's the first thing I like to mix dry ingredients first Simply makes it easier I'm going to put some cinnamon in there Optional, but really good Oh my god last time I did it, I put almost cayenne pepper in the same aspect Then we will put a pinch of baking powder This is just a useful pancake mix or pancakes to be nice and fluffy a little so what We will switch to our protein I usually like the way of coconut ice cream It's my favorite protein that makes the best pancakes of all time -But I

wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try different proteins, so I got this twist of a banana caramel and it is In fact really really bomb and it's an incredible thing It is – It's really good I wish you guys can feel it, but I'm just going to put a half scoop here Normally, I would do a complete scoop But I do half because like I said since I do not banana It could dry out when you're not protein, so I'm just half a scoop of this because it's just me today as if I were not pudding for two people and it would be different but And then I'm going to add some Mini chocolate chips my macros to damage a A good math couple, once you have your bowl with your dry ingredients just mix using a big fork is fine Mix all the ingredients sort well, and really look like this now It's time to add your wet ingredients so All you are going

Do's take egg whites And I'm going to teach you how to make egg whites if you only have eggs because now I do not have the Cardoon egg whites, which I would usually use, I will try to make 1/2 cup of egg whites So if you do not have egg whites and you do not want to take out the yolk, that's how you do it go, crack it on the bowl like To do like a bit like that huh I think I will open it carefully on your bowl and Then you'll just throw the yolk back and forth between the house and the egg whites will filter and That's all There is your yellow, you did it, so you gave it carefully Or put it in the trash because they are very big eggs Looks like it's okay Take two eggs to get 1/2 cup Maybe a little more Maybe three probably three Ok, so once you have your egg whites already separated

I'll pour it into your bowl as if And then mix everything around It's going to get a little slippery like that at the beginning just keep in mind to sing, it's all the way smooth Just take a little elbow grease here Get this beautiful consistency, okay So, there is already a protein intake here from egg whites and protein powder not too many cards So it's definitely not like There are cars of the pancake mix for sure you go there – see It's nice and smooth as we want super, okay the next step add your vanilla I As for adding vanilla, I think it makes a very good flavor just a few drops it's good that stir Perfect now it's time to cook so come with me in my pan the trick with cooking your pancakes is Low heat because pancakes can burn easily, and we do not want that so we'll put it on low heat We will spray our stove well and well with this nonstick spray Sprays what I use Your heat lets out a little heat, and then I cook as usual, but I'll guide you Know when to flip and things, I guess I'll just tell you it's time Just trying to flip your pancake is when it starts to form small bubbles around the edge That's when you should return it and how you like your cake It's cooked I like mine cooked way I like it to be slimy in the middle I'm rude about anything you want to call, but it's so good in my opinion Especially when it's like that It's like it's a sweet dough

Oh, so much, but Westin loves his pancakes like burned to each their own it's up to you to decide, but as this recipe is easy, she makes BOM pancakes and They are rich in protein and they can easily adapt to your macros So I'll go ahead and click on it, and then I'll catch you for this conversation about half Real Talk Real Talk Real Life situation speech in a second

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