How to Make Low-Carb Waffles in Under 7 Minutes

Hey everyone this Adam Brown from diaTribe I just got home from a bike ride, and I'm hangering for some waffles, and so I thought it would be cool to film how I make low-carb almond flour coconut waffles, just in case people want to make them themselves

So, first thing you need is a waffle iron I use a dash mini, which is about fifteen bucks and makes one waffle at a time But I find it's pretty awesome and compact So you'll plug it in, let it heat up, and then while it does that, you need two eggs, so you'll crack your eggs, and whisk your eggs together, like this, and once they're nice and whisked, you'll put it aside and get your almond flour You need one and a half cups of almond flour

This is a half-cup scooper, and I buy my almond flour from Amazon from a company called Anthony's, but any almond flour will do So that's one and a half cups of almond flour, put that aside, and then we'll combine it, and then the recipe calls for about a quarter cup of coconut milk I'll just eyeball it with a big, hearty teaspoon, but I don't really have to be exact And you'll mix all this together, so it makes a nice batter And, you might have to just, really get in there and whisk it up good

Meanwhile, the waffle iron is heating up while you're making this batter And then you have a nice thick batter, like that And, let's see what's next Shredded coconut So these are unsweetened coconut flakes, and I actually have some cacao nibs in here, which are kind of like unsweetened chocolate chips, basically

So, calls for a quarter cup, but I'll just put in a little bit like that And, one of the things I like about this recipe is that you can kind of pull toppings out or put toppings in, depending on what you like So, put a little bit of cinnamon in there and a little bit of vanilla extract and a little bit of salt and finally, a fairly key step, half a teaspoon of baking soda So we'll put that in there, and then we'll whisk all of that together Make a good batter, and it's a pretty thick batter, but it works pretty well

And then meanwhile, the waffle iron is heating up, getting pretty hot, so I'll throw some of the batter on here And actually, because it's going to rise, it doesn't need to be, look full on here So we'll throw that on there, close the top, and then, now we wait! Alright, so it's been about three and a half minutes, and while my waffle was cooking, you can see it's not perfectly shaped, but you definitely know it's homemade While it was cooking I got some frozen raspberries and put them in the micro for a little bit, and I really like topping these guys with frozen raspberries And then you basically just throw a little more batter on, close the lid, and you have another waffle

And another thing I love about these is that they're super filling, really high in fiber, they keep really well, and highly recommend! I hope people find this useful, and we'll link to the recipe in the notes of this video Thanks so much for watching!

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