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they settling in to help reset meals-on-wheels number one David it could be show in on the Google ship man remember when we sit there and was super soakers when all the girls know what somebody else would you wanna be wit my themselves especially what them anyway member well I don't have that but when I do have this issue composite you down really really like and they will keep you cool so check them out and let me know what you think if you guys know Robin Williams pass away this guy was in of much help films my cock jumanji and missus doubtfire she got into his films not the support this guy to all his feature films in Wonderland had a passer les upon slow cut a honeydew slices because my three fingers chop the honeydew into cubes then remove them from the skin put them into a ball in when you're done we should look like this: cut off the top appear then slice it down the middle don't remove the skin from happy pair remove the seeds and core then chop it up and after add to the same old at a half cup of coconut water tea a blender drop in your honey do in your spare half teaspoon Chiesi for good health and lastly tear up for mint leaves continue to blend into liquefied now pour liquid into every other motorist jump up two slices of watermelon remove them from the skin then drop them into a bowl as a watermelon to the blender then little by with a strainer for your juice into a ball cut the tops of all up your seven strikers then add them to a bold for your juice and fruit red n add another half teaspoon chia seeds them landed a for the juice into the high part mother's at a few wild blueberries then stir them slowly plug in your I stop sticks then keep them in the freezer until frozen to see how the fruit pops turned out once removed from the iPad maker check out my Instagram at Google chef all one word inwards roofie 0 you want to pay you can fly you can fight in a Google shift to make a mean chicken from power her for okay viewers watching my recipes the amount of insulin taking plus my local schools these are all based on my diabetic choices might own personal choices now police consult with your doctor in nutrition is because I wanna make sure everything went well for you because you might get different results from what I'm getting now my Google school early for this meal was a deal two hours after was 140 leave me with the glycemic index only 32 but please be advised that I had a meal before this and only had one from pop so people into a min now almost 2,000 slot was nice he's helped me keep pushin by subscribing share my feelings social networks like MTV great content now I will see you next time ASEAN disagree on Facebook and Twitter now and I will see you then later on Robin Williams the do the the the the

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