How to Make Crack Slaw Chinese Stir Fry ~ Healthy Low Carb Recipe

This is Crack Slaw It is quick, easy, yummy and a low carb meal you can have ready in 15 minutes

I'm Tess and welcome to my kitchen A college student told me about this Crack Slaw and I had to give it a try I made it a couple times and thought I would share with you all Crack slaw is a stir fry with ground beef, cabbage and seasonings You can make it as simple as you want or as gourmet as you want

The name Crack Slaw is in reference to the addicting quality in this dish, and yes, it is! I have a pan on medium heat and I'm adding a little oil to get things started, about a pound of a 80/20 ground beef and a little black pepper Stirring, chopping and browning and draining off any excess fat Next I'm adding one small diced onion and cooking for a minute or two In goes the minced garlic and ginger Stirring and cooking for another minute

Here is the quick and easy part of this recipe I have one bag of cole slaw which is about four cups of shredded cabbage and carrots You can shred your own in a processor but this is quick and easy It may look like a lot of cabbage but it will shrink as it cooks and it will take about 3 to 4 minutes Not long at all! I still want the cabbage and carrots to have a little crunch

If you like this Crack Slaw recipe please remember to hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button for future video recipes You can also find me on Facebook and Tess Cooks4u blog You can season this Crack Slaw with anything you like Tonight I'm making it like a Chinese stir-fry and adding some light soy sauce and oyster sauce, stirring and cooking for a minute It smells amazing! Right before serving I am adding a handful of chopped green onions and a drizzle of sesame oil

This is optional but I'm also giving this a good squeeze of sriracha to add some heat! Giving another good stir to get everything mixed and it's ready to eat! This is easy and ready to eat in 15 minutes! Great flavor, healthy and low carb Topping with some chopped green onions Yes, this Crack Slaw is addicting! There were no leftovers! Hope you give this Crack Slaw a try Until next time enjoy And Thanks so much for joining me here in my kitchen You can SUBSCRIBE here for my future video recipes and remember to come visit me on Facebook

You never know what I might be cooking Until next time, Much Love!

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