How Long Should I Go Low Carb?

I thought you left the gym long ago What happened, are you keen on losing weight or just staying in shape? I think both of them will do

Since I look like a barrel you wouldn’t even use as firewood, it was just about time for me to make a change, don't you think? Sure, I think your girlfriend will appreciate the change more than anyone else I mean, she must literally grasp for air when you two are "getting jiggy with it" Hehe, you're right man and that’s why I want to make this change Now since you're into dieting and stuff, how long do you think I should be on a low carb diet? Well first of all you should know that going on a low carb diet is not a good idea if you want to build muscle, but if you just want to lose weight, it's a good choice Really? Yes, but the fact is that you should not go on for more than 5 to 10 days on one such diet

If you do so, then you'll seriously affect your system and may end up with a lot of problems Hm, I see You'll feel tired given the fact that you'll restrict a large part of nutrients from entering your body and that's a no-no Also, it's best if you consult with your doctor before going on a low carb diet You may have certain ailments and it will be quite a bad idea to experience some nasty side effects

OK, sure man, thanks for helping me out on this one I'll make sure to send you a photo of me once I finish my training, if I don't get to see you around here Sure man, a man's got to do what a man's got to do, especially when it comes to making his woman happy


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