Hello foodie friends, and welcome to Vincenzo's Plate Today, we are making pan-fried Atlantic Salmon like you never had it before, with a Mediterranean twist, with nice lemon flavors

And you will love it, because you go to those restaurants They always make the same version, and I'm bored of this So, let's make something simple, made in 15 minutes Today, I'm collaborating with Emma from Emma's Goodies, and she's going to make a delicious Lemon Tiramisu with Limoncello as well So, make sure you go and check this video out, and check out the channel

Hello, you guys I am Emma And over on my channel today, I am going to show you how to make a delicious Tiramisu and Limoncello Here in Italy, we have different versions of Tiramisu, and this one is by far one of my favorites So I hope you'll head over to my channel, say hi, watch the video, get the recipe, and try the recipe, of course

Back to you, Vincenzo I want that Tiramisu right now That looks fantastic, Emma, fantastic Let's assemble this delicious dish Now, cut the zucchini into small cubes, and put them in a saucepan with extra virgin olive oil, and cook them on a medium heat

Add also the cherry tomatoes Now, put a little bit of salt on it so the salt will get the water out of the zucchini, and the water will also come from the juicy tomatoes Now, when we have a little bit of soul, they start cooking Add the garlic– just one clove After a couple of minutes, add nice sun-dried tomatoes

Make sure you get good quality sun-dried tomatoes When you see that these are cooked properly, you want to add a nice pesto, homemade pesto if you can, and just stir it properly, and make sure you get the flavors combined properly Then, towards the end, we want to put maybe 100, 150 grams of baby spinach, and cook it a little bit, so that you can create a base for a dish Now the salmon takes no time to cook In ten minutes, you are done

The star of the dish is the salmon that you have to get from the fish market– nice and fresh And today, I've got a beautiful Atlantic Salmon Now, time to cook the salmon, so cut this beautiful piece of salmon in half, and squeeze some lemon on top to give this nice, fresh, Mediterranean flavors to it Now it's time to cook the salmon in a nice sauce, but what I'm going to use– extra virgin olive oil infused with lemon I brought this back from Italy

If you don't have it, just use extra virgin olive oil And then, we want to cook the skin for about 6 minutes, 5 to 6 minutes, and when you see it's cooked, you turn it, and you cook the rest for about 4 more minutes, I would say But you will also see it when it's cooked When it's nice and ready, we want to assemble everything So now we want to put a base

So do a nice base on the plate, because presentation is very important these days if you want to make your guests happy to be on your table And then you get this nice piece of Salmon Ensure they have the bottom part, and choose if you want to use the skin, to show the skin on the other side This time I chose this side, because I'm going to put this beautiful, homemade, fresh pesto on top to give the final touch to this dish This is stunning and beautiful

I don't want to eat this one It looks so good I shouldn't eat you, right darling? I'm not going to eat you I'm not going to eat you I'll let you eat it, OK? OK

Don't worry I'm not going to eat you I'm going to have a glass of wine, because with the salmon, all you need is a nice Rose There is nothing else better than this I think Rose is perfect

And I'm using a nice wine, which is called Zaccagnini Of course, it's my favorite I only drink and eat what I love, what's my favorite See, eating, it's always a ceremony– a ceremony when you cook, a ceremony when you serve And part of the eating ceremony, or serving ceremony, is to actually open the wine, and if with a cork is better, and you smell it, and it smells bloody good

And then, we pour this Zaccagnini wine in the glass And yes, Salmon, I'm going to eat you I am going to eat you, because I'm not going to resist to your beauty Now, make sure you go and make the Lemon Tiramisu from Emma's Goodies, because it will go very well It is amazing Mediterranean pan-fried Salmon

I can hear music into my ears This is delicious It is amazing, guys This is beautiful This is really, really, really good

I don't know what you're waiting for This is to die for So guys, I'm going to eat– can't talk anymore See you in the next Vincenzo's Plate video recipe Please subscribe to my channel

It's free I have all of this for free I just need you to subscribe, for free And write a comment below Go and check out my YouTube, my blog, vincenzosplate

com, all my recipes are there, and just let me know what recipes you want me to make So, e ora si mangia! Vincenzo's Plate

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