High Fat Low Carb Weight Loss Results

What do you think of the high fat low carb weight loss results we heard about? I think they are overblown if not outright wrong The Atkins diet is based on a similar diet

The Atkins diet is low carb and high protein, but it doesn’t have high fat intake The high fat intake with few carbs is closer to the diet of the Inuit Who is into it? Inuit are Eskimos While they don’t suffer the high heart disease rates modern doctors would expect for a high fat diet, they aren’t known for their skinny models either I heard that high fat intake satisfies your appetite

If that were true, people could truly eat just one potato chip Or they’d be satisfied with just one junk food serving So what satisfies your appetite? Protein satisfies your appetite better than carbs and sugars, which cause your blood sugar to rise and crash I wish fat was the alternative You need some fats to get fat soluble vitamins and not look like a starving African kid

Mariah Carey said she wished she could look like that, but without the flies It isn’t healthy to look that skinny, while many people on diets avoid fat so much they look like they’re starving Real men like curves It sounds like the solution is a low carb, low fat diet A lower calorie diet with a healthier mix with more fruits, vegetables and fiber can help you lose weight

You’re implying I shouldn’t avoid dietary fat I’ve seen marshmallows labeled as low fat food That doesn’t mean you won’t get fat if you eat a whole bag of them You could label lard as a sugar-free food A touch of lard used to make tortillas is tolerable

It is sitting down to eat a bucket of lard that turns you into one If you’re eating a bucket of lard, you have problems other than your weight


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