High Carb Vegan Vs. Low Carb Paleo Diet – THE TRUTH

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I'm here with my brother Leo, and enjoy and visit his channel, this guy has a lot of scientific knowledge The link is in the description, please sign up! Today we will talk about low carbohydrate diet with high amount of fat And what we think about it Are you ready? I am! Here we go! So is a low carbohydrate diet healthy? Is it good for you? Everyone is talking about low carbohydrate diet now, people are scared of ingesting carbs, and they think they will get healthier, replacing it with fats and protein But this does not make sense, you can see that people who adopt a low carbohydrate diet for a long time, have a short life expectancy, develop high risks of having chronic diseases, it is not necessarily the low amount of carbohydrates that it does badly

In fact, there is a study that compared a low-carbohydrate diet to a vegan diet, and people who were on a low-carbohydrate diet had increased their risk of developing diseases While people who were on a vegan diet, they were protected against these fatalities, protected from cardio vascular diseases You will do well on a low carbohydrate vegan diet compared to the traditional diet But, healthier foods generally have large amounts of carbohydrates, I definitely would not recommend Well the reason why people recommend this diet is because many people lose weight doing this diet, and studies say that it is good for weight loss

What do you think about this? This is true! It really helps in losing weight, especially in the beginning because you are giving a shock to your body, is limiting your preferred energy source, carbohydrates And if you observe, in a greater amount of time people on a low carbohydrate diet, begin to gain weight again, even more than they already had when they started dieting Maybe you have a few exceptions, some people who actually restrict their carbohydrates and exercise a lot But generally, the only people who are not overweight, are people who are on a vegan diet People can, lose weight in any type of diet, you can eat Big Macs every day, as long as you eat only one or two

You will still lose weight because the main thing you need to take care of are with the lime, and this will determine whether you will gain weight, or whether you will lose weight You can gain weight or lose in any type of diet, but it does not mean that it is healthy It's just like he said, some studies show that people who lose weight by ingesting low amount of carbohydrates, also lower your cholesterol But, no matter how you lose weight, when you lose weight, your blood cholesterol level decreases Even doing chemotherapy, or using cocaine your cholesterol level will decrease, but it does not mean that it is healthy

And the same thing about carbohydrates, if you're restricting your carbohydrates and losing weight, your cholesterol level will decrease So, people who are on a low carbohydrate diet and high amount of fat, the stage they want to achieve is called ketosis, and they believe it's the best fitness and they should be at that stage too, with better, healthier performance What do you think about ketosis? It is absurd to think that ketosis is the natural stage of man In fact, ketosis is an emergency stage of the body, when your body depletes all of the carbohydrate stores, your body is forced to use something else And it begins to metabolize a substance called ketone, and it's not all the cells that can metabolize that substance

Only a few cells, especially in your brain that holds the blood-brain barrier This is just to keep you alive by keeping your brain working so that you feed yourself It is a survival adaptation of humans, so when you are hungry, you can feed yourself So, it's actually an emergency system so you do not starve yourself It is definitely not an ideal or healthy practice

Obviously when we observe the story, the gladiators for example: Studies show that they fed on vegetables, they were almost 100% vegan, ingesting a lot of barley, which has a lot of carbohydrates You rarely see an athlete eating too few carbohydrates, especially during a training period Maybe have a few, but people in their prime, usually ingest lots of carbohydrates I can speak from experience, training in bodybuilding and fitness, when I restrict my glycogen stores to a photo shoot You feel bad, you feel slim, you look slim, your strength decreases, you get moody

This brings us to the subject of glycogen stock, with no stock of glycogen in your muscles, your muscles will not work well if you do not have those carbohydrates there So obviously it is not the natural state of man They also show that these low-carbohydrate diets promote insulin resistance, which is actually a phase of diabetes You are making your insulin become less and less effective in controlling your blood sugar levels But, they say that carbohydrates and that cause insulin resistance

What do you have to say about this? No, it's quite the opposite, I work with diabetics every day, and every time we talk, they say, I'm trying to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, I'm trying to eat fruit ores, and tomatoes But, instead, they are eating high-fat foods Like: Cheese, butter and that sort of thing I speak; you're doing everything backwards Fat has effect directly on your beta cells in your pancreas, cells that produce insulin

Studies have shown that insulin resistance is proportional to the amount of fat You can inject isolated fatty acids into the blood and immediately insulin levels will rise And this study here shows that insulin sensitivity is related in how old you have been a vegetarian, So by becoming vegan, and eating carbohydrates, it improves the way your body reacts with insulin, While ingesting little carbohydrates and lots of fat, causes you to become resistant to insulin and diabetic, and brings a lot of other diseases that are consequence of animal products So obviously carbohydrates do not cause diabetes, it's fat It's obviously when you think about fruits and fruits, the sugar from fruits is not such a bad thing

In fact, it is the process of sugarcane that we must take care of Obviously, you have to choose natural foods And the reason people are doing it, and what they believe in it is because doctors promote it, has studies fostering this, research What do you think the doctors are encouraging this? And in that part where people who do not study about it do not have much chance to debate This is really unfair

Like me! This is very unfair, because if the doctor is saying that little carbohydrate is good, why would not we believe in doctors? They are like health icons But, you know? when you search more One thing about studies, is that people enter the internet and type low carbohydrate and health, and find a pubmed study and this study shows that, low carbohydrates lowers your cholesterol, and people think; decreases cholesterol then it should lower the risk of heart disease But, many of these studies are actually poorly done studies, they are published anyway Many are made within 6 weeks

For example: a study that shows that cholesterol has no impact on your blood cholesterol, and has one group on a low cholesterol diet while having another group on a high cholesterol diet But then, they do not mention drugs, they are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs as liptor, it is logical that they will be under controlled cholesterol even if they are eating foods with high cholesterol So it's that kind of detail you can not see when you just read a pubmed study You have to dig deeper, as they carried out the study You can find many poorly done studies, and even sponsored studies, that will show you what you want to read

There are no long-term studies of low carbohydrate intake When it comes to research, you can not just get the first one you find and deny everyone, who say that high amounts of carbohydrates is not healthy because I've found a pubmed study that says that low-level carbohydrates are healthy So the only way to know if research is reliable is to find out how the study, methodology, and statistics were done If they interpreted the statistics properly, what were the groups responsible, the whole process This is difficult, not a thing that everyone does, and many studies you have to pay to have access to this information

And most people will not do that Most people will believe the first survey they find Who does not want to hear, good things about bad habits? People like to believe in doctors, but the sad truth is that, most doctors have almost no nutritional training in the course Most physicians who are well-informed about nutrition have studied on their own initiative So just because you are a doctor does not give credibility about what foods are good for you

This is not part of standard medical training But, these doctors who influence the low-carbohydrate diet out of curiosity, I've visited their websites, I researched about them, Andreas Eenfeldt, John Briffa, Mary Dan and Michael Eades, Willian Daves I've visited their sites, and seriously, so many statements without any scientific proof And the few claims that they try to prove scientifically are with small and poor quality research, no search with a longer period of time And many of these studies do not show significant correlations

These are typical studies like "We did not find a correlation between cholesterol and heart disease" But finding these studies without correlations does not refute good studies, good research Which clearly show that animal products and diets with high amounts of fats, are definitely bad Animal products increase the risk of many types of cancers, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and the list only increases Seriously, people! many poorly done, meat-industry-funded research, which unfortunately can be corrupt, and obviously we have to be critical, you have to find long-term studies, detailed studies

For example, Epic study that keeps happening, and is a very good study, take a look Just be meticulous, think, use your brains, and question everything, because no one owns the truth We are not the masters of truth, neither are the doctors, we have to find for ourselves Even more people! Many thanks for watching, be sure to sign up for my brother's channel, and sign up for my channel as well And do not forget to click on the botam I liked, if you liked this video, and as always, I'll see you soon! Peace! Translator: Johnny Wesley


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