Happen type diabetic stopped eating carbs keto diet meal plan delivery uk

Happen type  diabetic stopped eating carbs keto diet meal plan delivery uk

Happen type diabetic stopped eating carbs keto diet meal plan delivery uk
I just wrote an answer to this qution about 5 minutes ago and will answer it again because it is so very important for you and for millions of other people. The answer to your qution is yes. From my personal experience Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed. In March of 2017 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. It really scared me. My faer was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at 60 and I watched him have to inject insulin 2 times a day. His body still deteriorated due to the diabetes. I did not want to end up like that. I was a chocoholic and ate huge portions. I was too heavy for my height and did not get enough exercise. I immediately got on the internet and started researching for cures for Type II Diabetes. I read all the information at the American Diabetes Association website and was thoroughly depressed. I was being told that I had a progressive disease with no cure that would last the rt of my life and finally cause my deh. I lea.rned that I would have to take progressively stronger meditions to co.ntrol my diabetes and BG, Blood glucose levels. I decided that this path was not for me. I knew there had to be a cure for this terrible disease even if all these doctors and pharmaceutical companies were saying that there is no cure. I read everything I could find on T2 Diabetes. Causes, treatments, reversal and cure. I decided that changing my diet drastically to a low carb high fa.t diet, LCHF, was the way to go. I found a great deal of good information at Diet Doctor Making low carb simple . So I did it. I absolutely changed my diet completely from that day. It was very difficult. My body was craving carbohydrates, especially sweets. I had physical flu symptoms from the body adjusting to this new diet. I used meditation and mindful eating to get through those days. Without meditation I doubt I would have made it. I even created some guided meditation audios that helped me. You can download them. They are called The Dieting Mindfulness Meditations. There are 2 of them. Use them both every day. They really help with changing your diet. No sweets, no fruits, less than 20g of carbs a day, no juices, no sweet drinks, no sugars of any kind except Stevia. Veggies, eggs, cheese, meats, nuts were just fine. It was an incredibly difficult challenge. My endocrinologist thought I was crazy. She was not supportive at all. I told her that I was going to do this and that I would be the experiment to see if T2 Diabetes could be reversed and cured without meditions and the diet she was recommending. I checked my BG at least 7 times a day after various meals, exercise, events, activities, etc. I wanted a complete picture of how everything I ate and experienced affected my BG. I found that stress raised BG. I found that lack of proper sleep raised my BG. Lack of exercise raised my BG. The meditations helped with the stress and with sleeping. I made sure I walked with my dog and my camera at least 5 km per day and usually more. After 6 weeks on this diet my BG was completely normal for a non diabetic person, 3.9–5.6 mmo/L. My A1C was a little on the high side though, 6.2. But that A1C included the weeks before my BG went down. My cholterol was also high from all the fa.t I was eating. So I adjusted the diet to a more low carb low fa.t diet. I co.nsumed less than 50g of carbs a day and only ate lean chicken, fish and very lean meats. Lots of veggies, eggs, cheeses and still no fruits and juices or sugars. After 3 months more my A1C was 5.2 mmo/L. My BG never went above 5.6, 100, even after a meal. I had lost about 8 kg which felt great and still does. Now it has been 8 months since my diagnosis and the beginning of my experiment. I still check my BG every morning when I wake up. It is always in the normal range.Never over 5.6, 100. I walk every day with my dog and camera. I meditate every day to deal with any stress that might arise. I eat some fruit now. I eat fresh veggies and salads, fish, chicken. I am now living in southern Italy so I have access to nice olive oil, cheeses and veggies. I eat carbs whenever I like. For instance, yterday I was in Naples, Italy, the hom.e of pizza. I ate an incredible pizza at the oldt pizza rtaurant in Naples. I also had some bites of an amazing dessert called a Baba. Very sweet and very delicious. For a late dinner I had an other incredible pizza. When I woke up this morning my BG was 5.4. I usually would not eat 2 pizzas in a day but I used this as an experiment to see what would happen. Even here in Italy I only eat pizza about once a week. All other foods I eat in moderation. It is not my intention to ever go back to eating sweets co.nstantly all day. I will stay on a good healthy diet and get plenty of exercise for the rt of my life. I like having less weight to carry around. I will co.ntinue to meditate and do

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