Good macro ratio for low carb diet the keto

Good macro ratio for low carb diet the keto

Good macro ratio for low carb diet the keto
Absolutely. My uncle is a professor of anthropology at the University of Alaska. He has studied and word first hand with Inuit people for some 35 years now. He quite literally wrote the book on them. He was involved in the court dispute years ago pertaining to their right to hunt whales in their traditional ways.. he was worng to defend their rights. Anyways, a few years ago I read an article in a science journal written by a professor of nutrition at … shoot I forget now… Berkley maybe… UCLA…? Some big name college in California and as a trainer/nutritionist with a decade of first hand experience and a long list of successful clients who lost a lot of weight… up to 150lbs in 2 cases… and many who were able to become naturally healthy and medition free for the first time in decades. I had 2 clients with poorly co.ntrolled type II diabetes who were outright cured aka normal blood sugar and A1C levels, something that doctors will tell you is not possible… it is possible, in fact its easy. My 84 year old aunt did it, as did a woman with severe spinal stenosis… so bad she is permanently bent over 90 degrees at the waste with very limited physical capabilities, as did another client my aunt was not a client. Anyways, when it comes to eating in a way to normalize and balance hormones and blood sugar, lose body fa.t, gain muscle and get healthy… well my clients results speak for themselves…. There is an old saying that goes something like, those who are not good at ttheir profession go into teaching… well I whole heartedly disagreed with her paper, based on years of my own research as well as dozens of case studies in the form of clients… who did not know I doing experiments on them… lol.. and given that she teaches hundreds of students a year, who in turn may go on to be trainers, Drs, nutritionists etc and will use the information lea.rned in college to treat or advise their clients/patients, thus she is indirectly affecting the lives of thousands of people. I thought it important to try to get her to see that vegetarianism, which she was recommending, on some pretty flimsy reasoning IS NOT NATURAL FOR HUMANS, AND IS NOT HEALTHY. PERIOD. I wrote her a long email detailing what I disagreed with as well as my reasoning and real world examples. Including the currently accepted hypnosis that we became human literally BECAUSE our prehuman hominid anctors started eating more and more meat… and cooking it… i was taught in my college anthropology class that some populations of Neanderthals who to be fair are not precursors to modern man, we did not evolve from them… we did however interbreed with them, and all modern humans born outside of Africa inherited at least a small phần trămage of their DNA from Neanderthals, because they evolved outside of Africa they did not have co.ntact with modern humans there. Blue eyes and red hair are Neanderthal traits ate a diet that was up to 80pc meat. I also included this letter of recommendation written by a Dr, stating I know more about human metabolism than he does. My real name is Sean .. that letter was written after 6 months… at the 2 year mark he could squat, bench press and delift 100 lbs each for 5 reps… at 80 years old. When we started he could barely press a 5lb dumbbell and told me he would never be able to squat or delift, or bend over and touch the floor… now he is 81 and more fit than most people half his age. I also added a pic of one of my former clients who is now a good friend. He lost 80lbs and went from squatting 90lbs to 400lbs. His wife lost 60 lbs. By just following the plan I wrote for him with slightly smaller meal portions. Am I vetted? Well her response was… disheartening.. to say the least. The exact words were, Your E mail is very long and I am very busy. There has never been a population of humans or hominids who ate a diet greater than 50pc meat. I hope you are not shortening the lives of the people you are advising. … wow… if going from 30pc body fa.t to 10pc while dropping 50– 100lbs and normalizing all your blood wor.k is shorting lives… well I will take quality over quantity. But I am 99.99pc sure I am extending their lives. Anyways back to your qution. I decided to talk to my uncle about this… when I told him what she said he literally burst out laughing at how wrong she is. He said that before the introduction of wtern foods and liftyle, the Inuit diet was 95pc animal product with some 80pc of total calories coming directly from SATURATED FAT… in the form of pure whale blubber…. and they were one of, if not the healthit populations of humans on the planet. Now they have an 80pc obesity rate and 60pc of adults are diabetic. I would also like to point out that until very recently, India — where everyone is vegan, had the HIGHEST rate of diabetes in the world…. what more proof can you ask for than a ca

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