Hello! Hello! Hello! My name is Dr Noé Alvarenga, I am a doctor and I lost more than 50 kilos with food reeducation and real food, and today I will answer a question from one of my youtube channel subscribers after all, gelatin is low carb? Well, the first thing we have to do is remember is that gelatin is made from animal collagen: from parts of animals that are rich in collagen, such as: tendons, cartilage, skin scrapings

Yes, I know, skin rashes but let's get back to the spotlight: gelatin! the golden tip in relation to gelatine is READ THE LABEL there are several gelatins on the market that the main component, component number one is sugar, or the component in greater quantity So these will be difficult to fit into a low carb diet, right? There are, however, jellies that are devoid of sugar but again, again, here again the advice is worth: READ THE LABEL, because these gelatins even without sugar, may contain additives, colorings, substances, such as maltodextrin that we have already mentioned here in the channel and that the link will be here below for you to know more about them and the possible impacts to the our health! (link on YOUTUBE) In case of doubt, always, always, always consult your doctor or the your nutritionist who is the person more suitable to be advising and supporting him on this journey in search of a healthier life Thanks for the tip? So DO NOT LEAVE, DO NOT LET DO NOT LIE to enjoy sharing this video with that your friend with that your friend who is in love, in love with gelatin! A kiss in the heart and see you in the next video! Until then!

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