One of the downfalls of doing keto or a low carb diet is that you have to give up bread, sugar and other yummy things that will mess up with your success of losing weight and getting healthy. Today I am sharing with you a recipe for a muffin style bread that is keto friendly/low carb and delicious! These are going to fit a need that you are going to be happy to fill! #keto #muffins #lowcarb #noreenskitchen

The flour replacer here is ground almonds. I am using super fine ground almond flour. I recommend that you either sift it or whisk the lumps out before starting. I like to keep this in the freezer so it will not go rancid. The other main ingredient here is eggs. Cheese is added as a binder and a flavorizer, but be sure not to leave it out or these muffins won’t hold together as well.

Mix up the dry ingredients first then whisk together the eggs, sour cream and cheese. Then marry all the ingredients together. This will make a thick batter that you will then divide between 12 muffin cups. I have used silicone liners but you can feel free to use paper or none at all. These muffins will hold up well in any case.

Bake these at 400 degrees for 25 minutes and then remove from the oven but be sure to allow them to cool in the pan for 10 minutes. This will help to stabilize the muffin and help it keep its shape. Now you are ready to enjoy. I love to split these and make a bacon sandwich with them. They are filling and satisfying and make you feel like you are eating a corn muffin. They have a very similar texture to a corn muffin and I think you are going to really enjoy them.

Think of the possibilities. How about a sausage muffin for breakfast. Eat these with a soup or stew or just as a snack with some strawberry chia jam that is sugar free and full of fiber! The possibilities are great here!

I hope you give these garlic, cheese muffins a try sometime soon and I hope you love them!

Happy Eating!

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low carb recipes for dinner

low carb recipes for dinner

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