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Good morning and welcome back to my channel, today I'm going to share a full day of eating with you starting with breakfast and I'm making fried eggs so my husband has three fried eggs got them nice and frying over there and for me I've been making cheesy fried eggs so I've got my fried eggs and then I'll pop a couple of handfuls of grated cheese and then it'll get really crispy it's like you know those crispy cheese crisps but it's in an egg and it makes the edges extra extra crispy that's what I really like, so I've got that and I'll show you my breakfast plate when it's all don,e look how crispy those cheesy eggs are what I've done is popped a heap of spinach and that's for myself for my husband to share he likes his eggs a bit runnier than I do I like them extra crispy and cooked so while I'm waiting for mine to cook I've got some spinach in and I thought I would show you the egg just about done because I just know whenever I take things out the frying pan, it's going to be disaster and it'll all fall apart and it looks so pretty now, so that is my breakfast and I will catch up with you through the day when I have anything to eat or drink, yep so glad I showed it to you before totally messed it up when putting it onto my plate, not the prettiest plate just ignore that, and the kids are playing a Star Wars game, and I've got my hot chocolate on the side as always, had a couple of sips while I'm having, while I was cooking my breakfast and now I am going to have my breakfast and we'll catch up soon, right so the middle of the morning and I'm about to take the kids out to the park for a little bit of fresh air and it's time for a snack so I just cut up a little bit of salami to see me through

It's my six-year-old favorite food, okay do you want a piece come here, it's his favorite food and he just heard me say salami, your second after chicken, okay yeah got the keys ready, all ready go so I will be having two now two pieces of salami as my morning snack we can go to the park and I'll film a bit later went I'm home and have some lunch We had a fun time in the park and on the way home I went past supermarket and got a roast chicken, our oven is not working at the moment so I wanted a hot roast chicken, so I went into a supermarket and got a cooked barbecued chicken and I'm having it with some, I found this garlic aioli sounds yum, low carb and a quarter of an avocado, maybe more than a quarter of an avocado and that is my lovely lunch for today, afternoon next time you guys know me strawberries and cream it is about three strawberries chopped up under there and a nice swirl of cream, it's a nice low carb high fat afternoon treat for me YUM and now it's dinner time I am sorting, sauteing a whole lot of mushrooms in a heap of butter and I'm going to cook some of that chicken for lunch leftover, I don't usually have the same thing for lunch and dinner, chicken for lunch and chicken for dinner but I'm just I feel like it and I've got mushrooms in the fridge and I think I've cooked this before in a full day of eating recently, I can't remember I'm sorry, I'm going to cook chicken and mushrooms and cream and I'll just make a whole big creamy yummy dish, there we go chicken is in mushrooms are sauteing nicely and I'm just going to cook until the chicken is nice and browned that is reduced nicely look chicken's browning those mushrooms are nice and brown and now I'm going to add in some cream, okay I just got some cream going in just add some good fatto this, I think that was actually the chicken breast which you know we've got have the whole chicken so I wouldn't usually eat the breast yeah this is a great way to add some fat to a lean piece of meat, drown it in cream, so I'm going to just let that bubble away and reduce for a minute and I'll show you the finished bowl and that is my dinner all plated up, look at that it's so yummy and creamy, full of chicken and mushrooms what a yummy dinner that was such a yummy dinner chicken mushroom cream so simple such easy simple ingredients you put them together and it's so yum, it was just a day of yummy meals, so thanks so much for watching this video make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more inspiration I'm sharing video every single day in May so make sure you caught up on all the videos I've shared till now I've shared some recipes which everyone is in going crazy for so thank you for the awesome feedback and in a couple of days I will be sharing my eighth month keto diet update, it's been eight months an awesome journey I can't wait to have a sit down and chat through my thoughts and my feelings of eight months on the keto diet so make sure you subscribe to get notified when that comes out and thanks again for watching and we'll see you again tomorrow bye

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low carb meals for dinner

Low Carb meals

low carb recipes for dinner