Easy low carb vegan snack – Open sandwich

Hi my name's Fan I like food and I'm a vegan so I eat a lot of vegan food I've just come back from shopping and I haven't eaten a thing today but I really can't be bothered to cook so I'm going to make an extremely easy and yummy open sandwich using my favourite low carb bread So I have to say I'm not really on a low carb diet per se I like this bread because it tastes good and is packed with nutritions

If you don't particularly care about carb counts then use normal bread of your choice but try to pick something that's slightly firmer so you won't fall apart when you put toppings on it As you can see that there's only 37g of carbohydrates per slice and I'm going to be using two slices today which means they'll be just under 8 grams in total That's not bad at all I'm gonna show you what a bread looks like I'm taking two slices out So you can see it's packed with seeds and it's very supple you can either eat them like this or I like to have them toasted so I'm going to toast them today for toppings I'm going to use two tomatoes and an avocado Once toasted you can see the seeds look like they're ready to pop and it's golden-brown I'm going to spread the bread with probably my favourite vegan mayonnaise you really can't tell the difference some olive oil black chia seeds I always prepare bit more tomatoes than I need so I can turn it to a side salad if you like to see more videos like this please like it, leave your comments below and don't forget to subscribe Heavenly Fan Vegan Food channel SUBSCRIBE


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