Easy Healthy Recipes: Sirloin Steak, Tomato and Mozerela (Low Carb & Low Calorie Recipe)

Hey thanks for stopping by and watching Changed Kitchen where once I got diagnosed with diabetes hypertension and high cholesterol I had to make some changes in my life As I'm trying to live healthier today I have easy recipes that are healthy low-calorie, low sodium and works well with my diabetic diet plan

Today i have a recipe for those of you learning how to cook with a healthy meal called a sirloin steak topped with mozzarella and tomato This recipe is really quick to make it usually takes me about 30 minutes So for this recipe you're going to need a pound of sirloin steak Mrs Dash seasoning, olive oil, a half a cup of halved cherry tomatoes and a half a cup of mozzarella and a half cup of fresh basil leaves

Starting off I like to tenderize the sirloin steak just a little bit like you see here Also while I'm tenderizing the steak on the stove i set up my skillet and olive oil to warm it up Maximizing time this helps to get all the oil hat and of course helps me to get my tenderizing done and season my meat with Mrs Dash covering it all over and rubbing it in Once the steak is all season I put it in the skillet and cook it for three to five minutes typically until it's medium rare, flipping it on both sides to get that nice and brown

Once the steak is browned on both sides and medium rare, I take it out of the skillet and place that to the side to let it cool So now that my steak is prep I'm going to take my same skillet and sautee my cherry tomatoes and basil leaves Once I see that they're ready to go like you're seeing here i will add the halved mozzarella to mix cooking it all together and like you're seeing there its melting but coming nice and smooth Also as a reminder when I cut my sirloin steak I cut it against the grain to have the strips nice and tender and ready to eat So like you see here I'm putting that on top for a beautiful finish

As a side dish I may do some green beans or spinach to add a little color to my plate and I hope you enjoyed that mozzarella cherry tomato and sirloin steak recipe here or Changed Kitchen

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