Easy Fix Diabetes with Keto or Low Carb | Urdu/Hindi

Easy Fix Diabetes with Keto or Low Carb | Urdu/Hindi

Many people complicate type 2 diabetes . Takes bundles of medicines and insulin injections. Type 2 diabetes can be easily fixed with doing changes in diet and following keto or low carb diet.
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Subscribe our YouTube channel to get updates on informative videos regarding keto diet plans, weight loss plans, weight gain plans, internal health, keto and healthy recipes, research based fitness & health videos, transformations and motivational stories, fitness expert interviews, informative fitness vlogs and many more. This is the first Pakistani knowledge based fitness channel to spread awareness in very easy way in Urdu. You will surely learn things in easy way.
I am certified Gym professional, nutritionist, keto coach. I have been learning about health, fitness, diet, nutrition for more than 8 years. I used to be 96+kg with a very high body fat percentage. In 2011 I decided to transform myself but no one was there to guide me in good way as most trainers give false hopes and false beliefs and intenet is full of false guidance. Since then i applied different diet plans and workout routines on myself. In 2018 i came into this field to help people as people needs proper guidance and motivation with no false beliefs and proper guidance. Alhamdulillah many people have transformed since then under our supervision. I try to give simple plans and knowledge to people so that they can get fit easily with no false beliefs:
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Disclaimer : These videos are for educational purpose only. Make sure to apply anything on yourself under observation of experts, as everyone has different body and everything is not for everyone.

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