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What is the "ketogenic diet"? " rapid weight loss" " fats with benefits" "Decrease your appetite " "Ketose

" " butter is healthy!" Explain yourself The ketogenic diet

Let's understand why all this fame I'll tell you what it is, briefly explain how it works and discuss some of the more common statements about it Let's start! Before we talk about the ketogenic diet, let's understand a few basic things about nutrition There are three main groups of macronutrients we will focus on here Proteins, fats and carbohydrates

These are the nutrients you find in the food you eat every day The standard American diet consists of 35% fat, 15% protein and 50% carbohydrates But if the ketogenic diet is analyzed, the numbers are quite different With 75% being fats, 20% being proteins and only 5% being carbohydrates Think about it: they are ten times less carbohydrate than the standard American diet

How it works Let's say you change your normal diet to ketogenic What happens inside your body? Your body handles low carbohydrate intake in two ways First, it enters a state called "ketosis" It changes the body's energy source to come mainly from fats Which basically means that there is the breaking of fats to ketone bodies, read ketosis, and then uses that to generate energy

Simply your body starts burning fat as its main source of energy and avoids the use of glucose, which is a carbohydrate The process of getting into ketosis takes a few days And during those days, people begin to experience some side effects Confusion, irritability, nausea, discomfort Some people call it "ketogenic fever

" "I do not feel very well" The second process used by your body is gluconeogenesis It sounds kind of scary but it really is not

It is in your body to create glucose, because not all cells work with fats alone A curiosity: for reasons of survival, you do not need to consume any carbohydrates unless you are consuming enough fats and proteins Affirmations Now, where did all this fame come from the ketogenic diet? Let's take a look at the affirmations and see what is true and what is not First affirmation: "The ketogenic diet is good for weight loss" Yes! The ketogenic diet is good for weight loss

This is done through two important mechanisms First: Since you are using fat as the main energy source, You're burning too much fat Second: Because the fats are more satiating, they make you feel "full", when you eat something high in fat, you really do not want to eat that much Soon, you end up limiting the amount of calories consumed during the day Many people are surprised that when they start the ketogenic diet, they lose weight very fast

But this is kind of misleading, because most of the weight lost initially comes from the loss of water and not fat loss For those of you who want to lose weight in the long run, the ketogenic diet is not very sustainable It's graduation day, all your friends are going to have ice cream Some will take a milkshake of Cookies n 'Cream (me), and you can not take too because you're doing the ketogenic diet? This is crazy! You have to be very attentive while doing the diet Because carbohydrates have this disgusting habit of simply getting into your food

Ketchup, food with a lot of carbohydrate Apples, bananas, Milkshake by Cookies n 'Cream What's it? I love Cookies n 'Cream milkshake

And this is also worth taking that drink with your friends No alcohol Second statement: "The ketogenic diet is good for the brain" The truth about this is that the jury has not come to a conclusion about it yet Because science did not give us the answer

Research in this area is not yet complete And somehow, some people say they feel more focused or smart with the diet But I also listened to my patients saying they feel more confused and that "ketogenic fever" continues for longer than normal So I do not like to use anecdotes to tell if a diet is good or not I need quality research, which is what I do not have

Third assertion: "The ketogenic diet prevents or controls various chronic diseases" This is a yes and no answer Where the ketogenic diet really calls attention is in Type II diabetes Because when you have Type II diabetes, you have insulin deficiency, you have high blood sugar and research shows over and over that the ketogenic diet for type II diabetes works That! We have to talk about childhood epilepsy because it was where the ketogenic diet really created its roots

We can prescribe the ketogenic diet for children who have seizures of refractory epilepsy and what you notice is that when they enter the state of ketosis, there is a decrease in the frequency of these seizures It works, it's proven They are scientifically based evidence The ketogenic diet has been shown to be promising in the field of oncology, commonly known as cancer She is not ready to be an immediate cancer treatment yet

And research does not fully support it as a preventative method in cancer development But what we do know is that there are promising things and that more research needs to be done Potential Damage Some damage that may occur from following the diet: Nutritional deficiencies by removing large food groups from the diet, increase in LDL (your bad cholesterol), liver problems, bone problems and the increase of some types of cancer when you are consuming too much processed food or red meat My final considerations on the ketogenic diet: I think it's a good diet for weight loss, I think it's better to have short-term weight loss than in the long run So if you have a wedding to go or any other big event that is nearby and you're mostly healthy, I do not think a bad diet to be done

The diet is very complex to be followed by the fact how drastically you need to change your dietary pattern, of the possible damages that can come with the diet And frankly, because of the lack of knowledge and lack of research that we have on its long-term effects and all are questionable, I am encouraged not to recommend this diet for the majority of my patients And neither for you from home I read in the comments that some of you wanted me to test the ketogenic diet

If we can get this video to reach 20,000 likes, I'm going to test the diet and I'll take you with me on this journey As always, stay happy and healthy! We have to talk about childhood epilepsy because was where the ketogenic diet actually created its roots Found its roots

"Start your roots"? Scratching nose syndrome I do not know how to do this (quotes) I do this all the time? I said "ketogenic fever

" "The ketogenic fever" Quiet, Bear Is not it strange how it just pops up in framing?

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