Critical Supplement Tips for Low Carb Diets | Jim Stoppani, PhD

Critical Supplement Tips for Low Carb Diets | Jim Stoppani, PhD

Jim Stoppani, PhD is a firm believer manipulating carbs for dropping body fat and maintaining muscle mass. This video will cover some critical supplement tips for low carb dieting.
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Common questions I get from people during their low carb periods are.
• What can I do for more energy?
• What can I do for my hunger?
• What can I do for my sweet tooth?
• What can I do for my mental focus?

Certain supplements can help make those low-carb periods much more doable. And actually enhance your fat loss efforts. Your going to have a period where you feel drained and you just can’t focus. Over time that will go away once you’ve adapted to the diet.

| Critical Supplement Tips for Low Carb Diets |
1. Low Energy / Low Mental Focus Focus: 1:06
• Caffeine
• Green-Tea Extract
2. Sweet Tooth: 1:51
• Protein Powders
3. Ramp Up Fat Burning: 2:17
• Carnitine
4. Pre-Workout Energy: 2:57
• Caffeine
• Citruline Malate

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