hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope that you will consider subscribing because on this channel I do all sorts of things from recipes to parenting tips communication product reviews life hacks all that kind of stuff so if that's of interest to you please hit the subscribe button and then hit the notification bell so that you are notified of every video that I post which happens every Tuesday and Thursday also follow me on Facebook at HeatherGerhardt11 and Instagram with HeatherGerhardt1 and I post all those videos there so you'll never miss that in case you happen to miss it on YouTube so without further ado let's get into today's video and as you know I follow a low carb diet but I love love love Panda Express orange chicken I mean it's a problem I love it so I thought hey I am going to find a way to make this recipe low-carb keto friendly and I think I have done it so if you want to find out how I've done it stay tuned and let's do this okay so on YouTube I was looking up orange chicken and I found a video that actually has the original orange chicken recipe and I will link that in the description bar below in case you want to go and check that out if you want to make the original it's pretty darn close it tastes amazing but it uses flour and cornstarch and the white sugar and brown sugar and just things that we cannot have if we are on a low-carb diet so I have come up with a way to alter that sauce recipe and also the breading that goes on the chicken and my entire family devoured this in fact next time I make it I have to make a double batch because there was nothing left and everybody was asking for more and half of our family members are not even on low-carb so I'm going to take you to my kitchen and show you how I did this okay I'm here in the kitchen and the first thing I'm gonna do is bread the chicken now in the original recipe it does call for flour and cornstarch and obviously we can't have any of that so I've made my own breading and the way that I make it is one part regular pork rinds one part spicy pork rinds one part Parmesan cheese and one part oat fiber

now don't be afraid of the oat fiber oat fiber is the husk or the fibrous material that comes off of the oat it does not have any wheat and there's no oats actually in it it is literally a hundred percent fiber so it doesn't add any carbs it doesn't add any of the wheat or oat that you would think of when you hear the word oat fiber it just adds a really nice flour consistency to whatever the breading is so I've got an egg that's beaten up I've got chicken breast tenders that I've chopped up into bite-size pieces you can use chicken thighs that's more ideal on a keto diet and is what is used in original orange chicken I just didn't have that I had this need to use it so that's what I'm using so what I'm gonna do is dip it into the egg and then roll it into the breadcrumbs and set it over here like I've got a couple right here and then I'm gonna take it to the deep fryer the first thing we're gonna do is coat these so I'll show you a couple of them so I just have them in these little chunks here I'm just gonna throw them in this egg wash and actually what I'm using right here is just like an egg white carton of egg whites that I bought but I don't actually think it sticks as well as just using the fresh egg beaten up I was just trying to get rid of it so I'm using that but it's not not sticky like an egg should be so we'll see how all this works but you just roll it around in that set them over here and then we're gonna head on over to the fryer I'm gonna finish these up and meet you at the fryer just enough why I'll have all the ingredients to how I make the sugar and how I make the bread coating in the description box below as well as how much of it I use of each so that you can make this recipe yourself and so be sure and check out the description box for the actual recipe and how to get it alright let's fry these babies up I've got the oil at about 350 and you're probably gonna do these for between four and six minutes they're pretty small I'm just gonna keep checking them just remember that when they come out of the fryer anything that comes out of the fryer it's gonna darken up in color a little bit more maybe one shade after it comes out of the fryer so take it out just before you think it's the golden color that you're saying my husband should be worried but okay I've got my first batch done I'm gonna show you right here these are the best chicken nuggets they make amazing chicken strips you can eat them by themselves they have tons of flavor because of those spicy pork rinds and the cheese but if you want to amp these puppies up and add some of that orange chicken sauce you won't believe it and then on top of that we are gonna use chow mein and I'm gonna tell you how I do that as well so we're gonna have orange chicken and chow mein on a low-carb keto diet don't believe me stay tuned now for the sauce we are going to start with fresh garlic and fresh ginger in a little bit of oil and we're gonna saute that just a bit with some red pepper flakes now I didn't have red pepper flakes at the time so I used crushed cayenne pepper and that worked just as well so either one of those is going to work fine I'm gonna put the amounts in the description so you know exactly how to make this now instead of the white sugar and the brown sugar I use my own sugar blend that I make I will also put that in the description below you can use just straight-up erythritol but I don't like the cooling effect of that so I blend erythritol xylitol and stevia blend in a certain combination again I'll have that in the description and I use that now it's extra sweet so the original recipe called for a quarter cup of table sugar white sugar and a quarter cup of brown sugar I used a quarter cup total of I sweeten our blend so you're gonna put that in and saute it up just a little bit till it starts to turn a little bit golden then we're gonna be adding in orange juice now I know it has orange juice in it but I took one orange a fresh orange squeezed out 1/4 cup of that and use that so that was distributed over five servings for our family and so really the carb content of that is not going to be that high once you have distributed it amongst five people I did not buy store-bought orange juice that has sugar at it I used a fresh porridge I also put in vinegar and soy sauce and then you're going to saute all of that up until it is bubbling now the way that they thicken the sauce is with water and cornstarch and instead I put in a 1/2 a teaspoon quarter to a half a teaspoon of xanthan gum and that oh just that tiny amount is plenty to thicken the sauce up to a syrup consistency once you find you a chicken then you're gonna add that to the sauce and then you're gonna top it off with just a teaspoon of sesame oil which gives it a nice Sheen and a really great layer of flavor oh my gosh you guys I hope you will try this recipe this has got to be one of my favorite recipes that I have come up with myself to try and tweak a recipe that I love in general and it is so so good and we use trim healthy mama noodles to make chow mein out of and they're kind of like sheer talking noodles but they have added oat fiber into them so that they taste less like a rubber band I mean I can't I can't eat shirataki noodles people love them I can't it's like eating rubber bands but this is got just enough of oat fiber which is all fiber there's no added carbs doing that and I just rinse them really well and then kind of dry fry them a little bit to get all that moisture out and then I add a little bit of oil and soy sauce and kind of saute that up and they pretty much tastes like chow mein noodles and you can add sprouts to it or veggies or whatever to that timing that you want and it's so so good but try this orange chicken leave me a comment below if you have tried something like this or a recipe that you love that's a regular recipe that you would want me to try and hack for keto and I will give that shot please give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful or enjoyable and stay inspired to try some new recipes no matter what diet you follow otherwise I hope you're having a great day and I'll see you in the next video you


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