so after my last cinnamon rolls I'm still refining and defining you can say yeah I'm Darius this is sugarless crystals just sugar-free destination of youtube to enjoy me I'm Guilford and don't know power land now no gave me the foundation the base what it was to use yeast and I thank her because now I can continue to load kind of like a baby or young child you know you gotta give him that first push on a swing and then after a while they're like okay alright I'm feeling the motion I get it I did it okay okay I'm good okay yeah yeah that's the nice little metaphor I liked it or simile no that's this no that's a metaphor but see I'm all about flavor there and the thing that bothered me with the last cinnamon rolls is the flexing and the lack of flavor in the dough itself I mean the center was delicious but you had to get very given and not to mention with flexi like I'm not like oh let's see like you know but um flaxseed do I have to have it so for flavor and to replace the flaxseed I brought in my friend chocolate the cocoa no chocolate can go with cinnamon well it's not really traditional I guess you could say so what I thought peanut butter and it could be kind of like a Reese's chocolate peanut butter low-carb the cinnamon roll I guess that's what I was thinking is it really a cinnamon roll without Sarah like I think people really Sarita city legend like you know cuz I've heard different several let's get to the recipe for recipe details in the description box below down there late head over to sugarless crystals calm all right the simple part we're gonna poof this use up all ingredients at room temperature okay do that first sour cream maple syrup hots a warm water and you east now cover that up and while this pooping we're gonna do our dry ingredients now the last recipe was waiting but see everybody doesn't have a scale so I simplified it and when I waited I rounded it to like the nearest cup if that makes sense so you know to make it a little simpler for people that don't have scales so you don't have to go out and buy one so start with almond flour cocoa powder okay now for this recipe I use regular cocoa powder I normally use Dutch but see I don't really have that much of a look and I really feel like buying a whole nother bag and this cost more than this stuff real quick let's say at home you have Dutch process you could swap them out but pay attention to your level because the difference isn't it a brief difference in them is the pH balance the difference due to the alkaline levels of one works better with baking soda and one better with baking powder but if you swap it out make sure you change out your leveling devices all your risers you're making powder in baking soda we're using the regular so we're using baking soda instead of baking powder whey protein isolate granulated sweetener xanthan gum baking soda salt and mix thoroughly go back to your youth which should be bubbly at this point adding your eggs cooled melted butter apple cider vinegar Steve mix that up and add in your dry ingredients mixing quickly now a few things about this dough it's not as put together as the other donors assuming you may have met you can tell in the photos and as when I cut it now the flaxseed powder the flaxseed meal works as a binder and simply put coconut powder does nut but flavor I will deal with a Messier looking dessert any day now for the peanut butter I just mix powdered sugar and a little bit of stevia into it for some reason I don't know if it was my peanut butter or what but it turned into like a clip now if this would have happened to you you cannot spread it across the dough like it's just gonna keep Theriot dough it's a waste of your time so what I did was I pressed it out between parchment paper and I just kind of cut it in slices so that way I laid it on top of my dough and I rolled it up that I cut it up put it in my nine by nine baking pan and I allowed they're supposed to almost double in size I ran out of time and I just kind of put them in the oven I don't think it'll kill anything if you don't but I did let them sit out for at least about 40 minutes I'm guilty now this one doesn't require a glaze or spread but I can say you can use a little powdered sugar like I did in the photos but I doubt it really makes a difference to be honest now if you had like some maybe you can throw extra peanut butter on the top or you want to throw maybe like some chocolatier old chocolate sauce or you had sugar-free chocolate sauce like that probably would like push it up mmm I wish I have them now I'm telling you these things smell like straight-up chocolate cake in my house okay when you stick them back in the microwave keep an eye on or they'll get like super hard they come out the oven softened but you know Brad does when you stick it in the microwave too long yeah that's what happens almost crunchy man okay I'm gonna have to clear another one there but I got the flavor I got I got the flavor out of it no as I said they smell like straight-up chocolate cake coming out of it a filling of your household they don't taste exactly like chocolate cake the dough is far sweeter than the other one is and it has more flavor because it has two chocolate into it the peanut butter when you get to the peanut butter like it comes to it very nicely and it's extra thick it's thick like that Reese's peanut butter because as I said I had to press it out as I said I got so thick I had to press it out and then cut it and put it on top of the dough so it right it rich it retained that thickness you know if you bite into a Reese's Cup like that peanut butter it isn't smooth like it's probably cuz it's full of sugar but anyway that's what that is it's it has that same texture when you bite into the peanut butter boom close to your mouth for that chocolate and it mixes very well they're all right they're not bad at all I said you get a nice chocolate flavor um I had I had eight the one from my pitcher and I I had overcooked that one in the microwave and it came out nice and soft and it had a very cake-like texture to be honest it was a very very kick lightly and then why I said what I said with the powdered sugar I couldn't taste the pop sugar on top of it like I couldn't even tell with it and I don't want to drink it in there because then I wanted to get bitter or medium into you know but this turned out to be a pretty good dessert I highly recommend this one well not highly but you know if you need if you got like a chocolate and peanut butter a little kick this so this will do the job if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and if you're new to henna hit that subscribe button we do videos every Wednesday and Saturday and if you look to your right you will see my latest upload at the video just for you I'm Darius this is Sigma square so just sugar free destination of you too I'm not a chef oh no I'm an entertainer bye

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