Chilipad Review – The Only Thing You Need for a Perfect Night Sleep

Chilipad ReviewSleep is absolutely vital to our overall health. However, millions of people in this country alone sleep poorly, sometimes because of a medical problem but often simply because they are uncomfortable. Without proper sleep, however, it is impossible for the body to heal and recover from the impact of the day. Hence, all over the country and even the world, people look for ways to have a deeper, easier, more relaxing night sleep.

Chilipad is a product that claims to help people stop tossing and turning. It claims that those who use it will no longer need to wake up regularly because they have cold chills or hot flashes. In fact, it even says that people will no longer need to rely on an air conditioner in order to make sure they have a comfortable temperature. This is important because, often, people who sleep together do not have the same temperature requirements, which means there is a constant battle about the air conditioning settings, not to mention having to sleep through the noise, dealing with expensive energy bills, and having a significant carbon footprint. The idea that all of that could be resolved by something as simple as a “Chilipad” seems almost too good to be true. However, after numerous very positive reviews from people who claim they have finally been able to get that much sought-after perfect night sleep, it seems worthy of some more consideration.

About the ChilipadAbout the Chilipad

A Chilipad is a pad placed on top of the mattress that features a regulation system that can make the mattress either hotter or colder. It circulates cold or hot water through the microtubes inside the pad, each of which is constructed out of medical grade silicone. One tube is 96” long and the pad connects to the “Cube”, which is its control panel. Meanwhile, the pad itself is covered with 150 thread count cotton as well as polyester, so it feels soft and comfortable.

The Cube allows you to manually adjust the settings as per your personal requirements. However, it also comes with a remote control so that you can adjust it while in bed. The device is available in different sizes, including the “Single Zone” pads, which are the smaller ones and are perfect for a single sleeper. The “Dual Zone” pads can be used on a double bad. On this version, each side of the pad has its own network of microtubes, which means people can adjust the settings as per their personal requirements.

Of interest is the fact that, after nearly 1,000 reviews, the product still has a very high satisfaction rating.

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How to Use the ChilipadHow to Use the Chilipad

The product is incredibly user friendly. Each box includes the mattress pad in the chosen size with an owner’s manual, registration card, and warranty. It also features a water release key, which allows you to drain the water inside the tube. It also comes with the Cube, which is the control unit, and the remote control.

Before switching on the Chilipad, it should contain some water in the tank, which also proves that the product has been properly product tested. Indeed, Chili Technology tests each individual pad by running it for 24 hours on cool and 24 hours on warm. If, upon first setting up, the tank does not contain any water, it would suggest that it wasn’t tested.

Because it is an electrical device, it is very important to place the Cube on a flat, sturdy surface. It also requires 24” of space around it for airflow. The device then plugs into any standard outlet. The pad is placed on the mattress and plugged in using a hose that comes with the system. It is also possible to purchase more hoses if required. You should then fill the water compartment to full, after which it is ready to switch on. You then have to add a capful of hydrogen peroxide, set the temperature, and wait 10 to 15 minutes before it is ready to go.

Prices, Where to Buy, and What You Get

There are eight sizes available in total, corresponding to standard mattress sizes. They range from Single to Split California King. Prices vary depending on the size of the pad but, at the time of this writing, they range from $449 for a single to $1,099 for both the California King and the King.

The pads can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s, Chili Technology, website. However, there are also numerous online retailers such as Walmart and Amazon that stock it, as well as a number of brick and mortar stores. This goes a long way towards proving that the product is incredibly popular.

How Do You Benefit from the ChilipadHow Do You Benefit from the Chilipad?

According to Chili Technology, there are a number of particular benefits to be enjoyed by those who use the Chilipad. Those include:

  1. That it helps to improve your memory. The brain needs sleep in order to process all of the day’s events and turn them into memories.
  2. That it can help you lose weight. Scientific research has demonstrated that those who sleep properly lose more fat mass, whereas those who sleep poorly lose more muscle mass.
  3. That it helps to lower stress levels. When sleep quality is poor, it affects our levels of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisone, both of which are bad for our overall health.
  4. That it makes life safer. People who are tired are more prone to accidents and slips, trips, and falls. By sleeping properly, therefore, you reduce the chance of sustaining an injury.
  5. That it improves your immune system and, therefore, overall health. The human body needs between seven and nine hours of sleep every night in order for the immune system to regenerate itself. Good sleep lowers the levels of inflammatory responses in the bloodstream, leaving you feeling better and healthier.
  6. That it makes you stronger. According to research, professional athletes who sleep for eight to 10 hours every night have better reaction times and are more agile and alert.

What I Liked about the Chilipad

  • It is a very effective pad that allows sleepers to set the temperature as per their own requirements.
  • The pad comes in lots of different sizes, so you can also use it for two sleepers.
  • By using a Chilipad, it is possible to make significant savings on energy bills because of a reduction of fans and air conditioning units, which is also better for the environment.
  • The device is incredibly user friendly. The pads can be washed and the Cube doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • It is really quick to set up and takes just 10 to 15 minutes to reach the desired temperature.
  • The materials used in the Chilipad are all of very high quality.
  • The Cube has been designed to be almost silent so as not to disturb someone’s sleep. Indeed, it is quieter than most air conditioning units.
  • It can be used by people who struggle to sleep because of medical conditions, ensuring their temperature is set perfectly.
  • It is quite portable and can easily be taken along on vacations where the climate is either colder or hotter.
  • It comes with a two year warranty.
  • You can purchase extra hoses if needed.
  • The product has been properly tested in the Chili Technology labs.
  • It has been very positively reviewed by thousands of customers.
  • It comes with a remote control for easy operation.

What I Didn’t Like about the Chilipad

  • It is an expensive device, particularly when compared to standard electric blankets. Of course, an electric blanket can only provide heat, not cooling.
  • While the Cube is very quiet, it is not completely silent. Because it is often placed on a night stand, some people have found it a little bit disruptive.
  • The Cube does take up a bit of space, particularly since it needs 24” of space around it for airflow.
  • Because the pads contain tubes, most people find that they have to adjust to sleeping on them, as they can feel them.
  • The Cube has lights on it, which can be somewhat disruptive to very light sleepers.
  • If the unit breaks down outside of the two year warranty period, it could be difficult to find the parts as the device is currently exclusive to Chili Technologies.

The Final VerdictThe Final Verdict

The simple fact of the matter is that getting a good night sleep is absolutely vital to our overall health. If you struggle because your bed is too hot or too cold, you will need to find a solution or your health will start to suffer. Because most of us sleep with someone else, this has the added difficulty of having to find something that works for everybody, which is incredibly hard. Thanks to the Chilipad, however, it is now possible to set the temperature of your pad in such a way that is perfect for your needs, and your co-sleeper can set it to their needs.

The Chilipad is not the cheapest device on the market but many would argue it is the best. It also comes with some very significant health benefits. If you hope to find a way to get the perfect night sleep and access all the benefits that come with that, then the Chilipad is for you. 100% recommend.

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