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[Music] Rob – Hello and welcome to this episode of HomeMade Healthy i'm your host Rob and i'm here with my wonderful, amazing, pretty cool wife Lisa

What are we cooking up for our friends today? Lisa – Today we're making chili This is my special recipe I will be making it with beans But if you're doing paleo or very low carb you don't have to be inside just a demand because the kids like it better that way so without further ado I'm going to show some chopping vegetables I feel like most people should know how to chop vegetables but not everybody does so we're going to pretend this is a super entry-level so just be patient if you know how to travel as you can just forward we're going to be quick though ok so i want to show you something with the green pepper so the easiest way to clean out a green pepper is to slice it in half and then just pull the dipole yeah all the wedding out like this put it down the garbage disposal and now it's ready to chop okay slide is yes want to show you how to do that not everybody knows are sometimes it feels complicated or stressful so next I'm just going to use it slice up with that and you know the way slice up in this recipe i use a whole green pepper you can use green peppers red peppers yellow peppers are peppers whatever you like we just happen to have three peppers this is a very flexible recipe just chop it up into small pieces and we're going to cook these for about five minutes by themselves the onions and the peppers before we add the ground beef into be coached ok so just get a nice rough chop and make sure you got all the way through alright so next we're going to do the onion so some people are intimidated by chopping onions some people have fancy gadgets today we're going to talk about simple we haven't got a cut-up so you're going to cut the end off korea's and if you have contact lenses your iphone water but if you are you know wearing glasses or no contact your eyes can water from this one of the tricks to make it less likely for your icy water is actually to put it in the refrigerator so anyway back to the day alright and so you just cut it in half and then slice it this way and then turn it and slice it this way and voila you have chaplains so we're going to put these in a pan we're going to get to medium-high heat with some olive oil in the pan and then we're just going to put salt pepper to taste probably about a half a teaspoon of each because you'll get a good round of evo oh yeah olive oil now we just want Rachel and I didn't want to hear it ok so we can put the onions peppers n and we'll show you what they look like when they're cooked down for about five minutes okay mrs yep however are doing really tough because that awesome so we're going to cook this up rounded up a little bit before we add the ground beef perfect thanks ok so we've let these cook down for about five to seven minutes their soccer we're going to leave him in there when we add the beef in because it will help continue to cook the onions down my husband doesn't like onions a whole lot so i use 9010 ground beef either use a t20 you just end up with a lot more like Greece so i'm not anti fat at all it just makes it more watery we like it a little bit sturdier ok so we're going to add in I just two pounds of ground beef we love chili so we have a lot and then I'm going to add in this evening so I'm adding in more salt pepper I grew up watching Emma with a sea-cook so you know who doesn't come see them to go season every layer and then 2-3 tablespoons of chili powder two tablespoons of cumin two tablespoons of taco seasoning a teaspoon of garlic a teaspoon and a half of Italian seasoning how much for this Italian seasoning and then really on the Cayenne it depends on how i feel like it my kids don't love spicy so we just do a teaspoon of cayenne and we're going to let that all cooked together and tell the week is nice and brown all right we'll be back going to be done alright so we've got everything kind of browning in this big part and now was the time to do it well now we're going to add in all the tomatoes and tomato sauce and then my secret ingredient something that keeps the chili from being too sweet tomatoes a lot of sweetness and so in order to cut that I have a little trick that I like to do know we have got its two large cans of tomato sauce or fourth Kansas the grocery just has a small cancer that's what markets and then Q cans of diced season of tomatoes you can use rotel you can use pretty much any season one if you want you can change it out with your family likes about this is the ones that i have on hand we're not really thinking about that so then we're going to do two cans of miles chili beans and we don't rinse them if I don't you chill if I don't do the chili flavor beans i actually written like if I have just plain kidney beans all instance but with these are the seasonings actually pretty good so what I've got in for just another layer of flavor and you can get creative and other vegetables I've made it with character for you know just to get more flavor to my secret ingredient while my awesome assistant here for the rest of this doesn't is bullion so I love the better than beef i use the organic and this is types of sweetness what if you know got a little bit of saltiness and another layer of cape and so I just mix it with some hot water to reconstitute it and I do it okay with you and really the family noticed my father doing this because I was like it sweet and especially if your low-carb art or low-carbon you're not putting this the jeans and cabbing this will definitely you'll be able to taste the sweetness with the tomatoes and this will definitely help cut that sweetness and it brings with it a little bit more body everyone it's alright so we're just gonna let that simmer down and we will be back so that you can see what it looks like all in the bowl and this works really really well well with our cornbread and we'll be posting that recipe as well so you can look at that sofa great combination right we'll be right back when it's done thanks a lot we're back it should all be ready after about 10 minutes of simmering it's you know come to a boil all the flavor should be put together and then when you can taste it if you wanted a little place here you have more cayenne if you needed a little bit healthier you can add more salt if you want it you know cover whatever this is the opportunity where you can change it up if you want to rock gonna get us some a little sample here i want to put jalapenos cheddar cheese and sour cream so going to make it up here knowing I like it I grew up with helping us on everything so for me it's like normal kids not so much and then just a little bit of Nicole Jack header tacos cheese whatever you like so beautiful i can't we looks delicious right all right that does it really have no trust me so yummy no it's not so great in one of the standards at our house we love chili we take it left over to work we have it at night think i watch it thanks for watching and remember to follow us on instagram at home made healthy official official haha and on snapchat homemade healthy and stick around some more videos alright bye thank you

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