Cauliflower Rice Seafood Paella Recipe – Low Carb & Grain Free

so the real question here is can you make a really good tasting Paella by substituting cauliflower rice for regular bomba rice? absolutely! and I´m gonna show you exactly how today we´re gonna be making a Cauliflower Spanish Seafood Paella guys this paella is so good it´s very easy to make it´s healthy it´s low carb and it´s grain free now there´s a lot of other recipes out there for cauliflower rice paellas and I´m not trying to put anybody down but mostly all of them that I´ve seen they call for you to put liquid into the pan No!! you can´t put liquid into the pan!! cauliflower rice does not absorb liquid like regular rice does so you know what you end up with? a big mushno texture you don´t want that I´m gonna show you exactly how to cook the cauliflower rice so it has that beautiful paella texture to it and another thing if you can buy the pre-made cauliflower rice in your super market it makes this recipe even easier to make ok let´s get started we´re gonna begin by cutting a head of cauliflower into four pieces then remove the leaves from the stalk and rinse the cauliflower under cold running water once you have your cauliflower thoroughly cleaned shake off any excess water and start cutting off the root from each piece of cauliflower then add the cauliflower into a food processor I´m gonna pulse this between 20-25 seconds you don´t wanna go any longer otherwise the cauliflower rice is gonna be too small and it´s gonna have no texture at all this is the exact texture you´re looking for next finely mince 4 cloves of garlic then roughly dice 1 small red bell pepper this is how I always like to cut my bell peppers just because it easily removes the seeds so there´s no mess for the next ingredient I´ve got a tube of squid here I bought this frozen it´s been thawed out I´m gonna cut it open then pat it down with some paper towels and cut it into small squares and for the final ingredient I´ve got 15 jumbo shrimp here that have been peeled and deveined I bought these frozen and I´ve thawed them out I´m gonna pat them down with some paper towels and then season them with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper ok we have all our ingredients ready so let´s start cooking our paella I gotta get my pan for that!!! hold on

here we go this is an authentic Spanish paella pan guys there´s a link in the description box below for the exact one that I´m using let´s heat this with a medium-high heat and add a 1/4 cup of extra virgin Spanish olive oil one minute after adding the oil add the shrimp seasoned side down into the pan we´re gonna cook these for about 1 minute per side after cooking the shrimp for exactly 2 minutes you wanna start removing them from the pan and we´re gonna set them aside now using the same pan with the same heat add the diced bell peppers and mix them around with the oil make sure you scrape any of that stuff that was left over from the shrimp it´s gonna give this paella so much flavor about 3 minutes after adding the bell peppers make a little well in the middle and add the pieces of squid in there and mix them around with the oil about a minute or so after adding the squid make another well in the middle and add the minced garlic 30 seconds after adding the garlic add a generous 1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika season with sea salt and a kiss of freshly cracked black pepper and mix everything together next add 1/2 a cup of tomato puree season again with a little sea salt and mix everything together until it´s well combined about 3 minutes after adding the tomato puree I´m gonna add 4 cups of the cauliflower rice then I´m gonna add 1 packet of saffron in powder form and mix everything together until it´s well combined and look at all these beautiful colors that this cauliflower rice is developing once everything is well mixed get in there and give it a quick try I´m gonna season it with a little bit more sea salt then lower the fire to a LOW heat I´m gonna add the shrimp back into the pan along with about 7 fresh mussels and I´m gonna cover it with some foil paper this is gonna help the mussels open ok we´ve been cooking our paella for about 8 minutes with the foil paper on top don´t worry nothings gonna burn here we are cooking on a low heat but I think this paella is ready to go so let´s go ahead and turn off the heat transfer the paella pan onto a flat surface and I´m gonna let it rest here between 4-5 minutes after about 5 minutes remove the foil paper and look how beautiful this looks all the mussels opened up this looks like such an amazing paella I´m gonna cut a couple slices of fresh lemon add them to the paella then finely chop some fresh parsley and sprinkle it over the paella ok now I´m gonna get in there and give this a try! and look at this guys this is the exact texture you want from the cauliflower rice this is perfection here I goSalud! such an incredible texture to this paella I´m telling you that cauliflower rice is so good you know that´s the secret don´t add liquid into the pan then you have texture in your rice and the flavors are so good you know cauliflower has a certain flavor to it but we´ve masked it with all these beautiful Spanish flavors this is an amazing low carb paella guys I´d like to give a shout-out to one of my patreons Emily Wendel Emily thank you so much for being a patron of Spain on a Fork guys if you want me to give you a shout-out become a patreon of Spain on a Fork and join the team you´ll find the link in the description box below if you enjoyed today´s video please hit that like button leave me a comment below and don´t forget to subscribe 🙂 until the next timeHasta Luego!!


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