Cauliflower Mac and Cheese (Southern Style) Keto Recipe | Low Carb Side Dish | KETO SOUL FOOD

call me mac and cheese was one of the first dishes that I tried on keto thanks to keto connect I'll lead their recipe in the description box below so here's my southern style version full of fat and flavor now this is perfect for the upcoming holiday that we have as well as any other party that you are going to I use it as a meal prep dive dish and it honestly doesn't even feel like I'm on a diet when I'm eating it don't forget all the measurements as well as how I make this dish is in the description box below first we're going to melt the butter heavy cream and cream cheese and a saucepan on medium low heat once that's melted start adding your cheese i melted half of the cheese first just to help find all the sauce together so this is the consistency that i like if you want it to be a little bit thinner add a bit of chicken broth next you're going to add your Thal cauliflower and an oven safe dish pour the cheese sauce on top of the cauliflower and stir to combine now the sauce may thicken up a lot and that simply because the thawed cauliflower is still really cold that's completely fine it'll melt to bubbly goodness in the oven place dish in a 400-degree oven now it took about 30 minutes for mine to get the desired color on top that I wanted but as always each oven is different so I would check after 20 minutes and then keep an eye on it once out of the oven I know it's gonna be so hard but I highly advise that you let it sit for about 10 minutes this will allow everything to come together and you'll be able to scoop it a lot easier now this cauliflower mac & cheese is perfect on its own or as a side dish for any party or milk present you may have in the future if you guys do try this recipe please please please let me know either in the comments down below or if you post a picture on Instagram tag me because I want to see it as always if you like these types of videos and want me to make more recipes for you guys please like this video and if you haven't subscribed yet you can do that as well so you don't miss any videos from me and I will see you guys in the next one

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